Q4intelligence Partners with GoCo for Broker-Provided HR and Benefits Platform

Kevin Trokey on January 15, 2018

At Q4intelligence, we have always been committed to the transformation of the industry. As our business model has evolved and we have become increasingly connected to business owners and HR directly, we have also evolved our commitment to not just focus on the industry, but to incorporate employers into that commitment as well.

At Q4i, we exist to help HR and benefits advisors drive greater results, together.

The industry has never changed as much as it has over the past few years. And through all the changes, there is one common thread: Agencies are being forced to operate in a more intentional and efficient manner than ever before. Not only is this an internal challenge for themselves, but they also face the additional challenge of providing more efficient operations for their clients.

It is this absolute necessity of internal as well as client-facing efficiencies that has led us to a first for Q4i, a formal partnership with another company.

GoCo brings simplicity to this challenge

It’s the obvious simplicity that gets us excited about this partnership. We have aligned to offer a unique eco-system that combines their innovative technology solution with our comprehensive agency-support resources.

Why did we choose GoCo? They believe managing HR and employee benefits shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. And we wholeheartedly agree.

And they’ve built their platform to bring together everything a benefits consultant and an employer needs to handle HR and benefits.

GoCo has done the heavy lifting of making the technology incredibly simple so that you (the advisor), in partnership with your clients, can help create better benefits programs and run them more efficiently and effectively.

It’s kind of a no-brainer

  • The GoCo platform is so easy to install the employer could do it themselves if necessary.

Simple = AWESOME!

  • GoCo has done the research to address the rebating issue agencies expose themselves to, likely unknowingly.

You’re going to be sleeping much better at night.

  • The pricing of the platform is built with the intent of enabling agencies to successfully create a new profit center.

WAY better than having it erode your bottom line!

  • GoCo manages the invoicing on your behalf. 

Thank goodness THAT scary problem is solved.

  • They have built the platform with simplicity in mind at every turn.

Simple at installation AND simple to use?! Love that!

  • As simple as it is to use, the platform is as robust as any on the market.

We all want a little extra power, don’t we?

  • Most important of all, GoCo’s passion is to create an exceptional employer/employee experience, which aligns perfectly with the Q4i drive to help HR and benefits advisors drive greater results together.

Can you say, “Deal clincher”?

See what we mean about partnering with these guys being a no-brainer?

Technology – Love it or hate, you have to live with it

But, now we have to get YOU excited, or at least motivated, to finally find the right technology solution for you, as well as for your clients.

Mastering technology has become a critical part of the value proposition for agencies. To help clients manage new compliance and reporting requirements and to enjoy the operational efficiencies brought only through technology, agencies are forced to not only understand how technology can be the answer, they must be masters of that solution.

Many brokers have invested in technology, but few have effectively integrated the technology into the muscle memory of sales and client service. You, too, may have gone out and bought the fancy technology, but have no idea how to operate it. We get it. We’ve seen it many times.

With GoCo, we believe you can not only have the fancy technology, but you’ll be excited to use it yourself and teach your clients to use it as well, creating efficiencies across the relationship.

Q4i and GoCo: Identifying and removing the technology barriers

We know you already see the need for the right technology solution, but we also know it has been elusive. In working together to develop a broker-attractive offering, we targeted three all too common factors that keep the typical agency from driving the needed technology adoption and integration. You’ve likely asked yourself the questions, but have you found the right answers?

  1. How will I/we learn to use it? Learning how to install the technology efficiently can be time consuming.
  2. How can I afford to use it? Each employer installation of the solution erodes an already thin margin.
  3. How can I convince my prospects/clients they need it? Sales teams struggle selling consultatively. And any solution whose value can’t be quantified via a spreadsheet tends to be a mystery.

No wonder this is still a struggle, those answers suck don’t they?! Of course, you can’t change the questions, so we built new answers.

The GoCo|Q4i eco-system addresses these issues and puts you in position to confidently execute on the technology, use it to improve profit instead of eroding it, and to position yourself in such a way that your prospects/clients are demanding it (and we’re not even joking).

An age-old challenge has to be addressed

Admittedly, there are many quality technology solutions available on the market. While many agencies find great success with these solutions, we witness many failing to execute. They fail with the sale and they fail with the implementation.

But it’s not really the fault of the technology solution. The struggle is just another in a long line of solution struggles. We have watched brokers have access to countless effective solutions (technology and otherwise) for years only to watch those solutions gather dust on the shelf. It doesn’t do any good to have the solutions if you don’t know how to sell and use them effectively.

The other half of the eco-system

In every healthy partnership, both sides must bring something to the table. While GoCo brings the technology platform, Q4i ensures our mutual clients are able to market and sell it effectively. Our contribution to the eco-system is sales training and additional agency-needed resources that enable your marketing/sales team to have prospects lining up at your door.

Now, THAT is a powerful combination.

Become a Certified Benefit Advisor          

Together, with GoCo, we’re looking for forward-thinking advisors who want to be part of a movement to reinvent the workplace.

If all this gets you fired up and you want to learn more about the certification process and what it could mean to have the easiest to use, all-in-one HR and benefits platform for your business, then click the big green button below to apply. Operators are standing by. 😏

Visit GoCo.io to learn more about their broker solutions for HR and benefits  

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