We all have things we’d like to do but just can’t seem to get around to. Some of them are vague ideas, some are written down on the bucket list, and then there are those pesky other items— Things we know we should already be doing.

Sometimes our list of excuses for not doing things is as long as the To Do list itself. The most common excuse?

“I don’t have time.”

Ask a friend or coworker how they are. Chances are the answer is “busy.” Seems like we’d all like an increase in the number of hours in the day. Of course that’s not an option, so we put things off. Dump them in the category of “later.” Or maybe even ignore them all together. But isn’t it amazing how quickly that excuse of no time disappears when a particular to-do item becomes an urgent priority?

  • That dentist appointment you haven’t scheduled becomes much more of a priority when you wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache.
  • Those gym workouts you always plan to start “next week” become much more of a priority when you get the invitation to your high school reunion.
  • The annoying rattle in your car that you couldn’t find time to take to the mechanic becomes your biggest obsession when smoke starts pouring out from under the hood.

Unfortunately, the “Do it later” mentality doesn’t just play out in our personal lives. It shows up in our work lives as well.

What are you avoiding?

  • Is finding the right employee benefits plan your next toothache?
  • Is filling that open position feeling like an extra 20 pounds?
  • Is that noise you keep ignoring the sound of unhappy employees?

What’s that thing (or handful of things) that’s been nagging you? You know, the important stuff you’d get done— if only you could make more time in the day.

Now take a deep breath, and then move 1 or 2 of those things to the top of your list. Be brave. You can do it!

Who or what is getting your time?

Think about how you spent your precious limited amount of time last week. Did you get to the big stuff or did the little stuff take over? What would you feel like today if you had replaced some of your time-sucking tasks with an item or two off of your bucket list? Would taking on some of those big items actually save you time or make your life easier in the long run? How would it feel to not have those things hanging over your head? Pretty great?

You may not feel like you have time, but the beautiful thing is that you can make time for things that matter. Block off a few hours on your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself. Or, better yet, with someone who can help you accomplish one of your goals.

Now go set your priorities and cross something big off of your list. Take an overdue To Do and make it a ToDay.

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