We all know the first rule of investing in our retirement future: pay ourselves first. It's sound advice. Put aside some money every pay period into saving and investments to ensure a financially successful future.

The same principal applies when investing in your future sales success: pay yourself first, not with a check, but with your time.

As a producer, you have two primary responsibilities:

  1. Keeping the clients you have
  2. Getting the ones you don't

Just like the financial demands of daily living, the activities of keeping what you have will nickel and dime you to death and cause you to live paycheck-to-paycheck if you don't have the discipline to invest in your future.

Whether it's your paycheck or the hours in your week, there is always something that will take every last dollar and every last hour. The problem is we usually don't have anything to show for it in the end.

So, my challenge to you in preparing for your future sales success is to pay yourself first. Before you commit to any of the activities of keeping what you have, block out hours on your calendar every week for the sales activities that will ensure your future sales success.

Be sure to allocate those hours among the following:

  1. Face to face time with prospects
  2. Prospecting time on the phone or with centers of influence
  3. Researching the prospects currently in your pipeline
  4. Practicing your sales skills
  5. Building your business acumen

Just like investing financially, setting aside the hours will initially hurt a little, but you will adjust in no time. The reality is that we have so many wasted expenses in our financial life and so many wasted hours in our sales life that if we just find a little discipline and prudence in how those dollars and hours are spent, our lifestyles and our current book of business will never suffer as a result of paying ourselves first.

To help you pull all of this together, we have built a Producer Planning template to build your own personal investment plan. Yes, it will take time and energy to pull it together, but this is your success we’re talking about.

The results will definitely be worth the effort.

Happy investing!

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