Selling is a difficult and scary job. That’s why most people want NOTHING to do with it. And that’s okay for them; they choose other careers.

And most would agree that prospecting is the most difficult and scariest part of that difficult and scary job. That’s why most producers come up with countless reasons to avoid their prospecting responsibilities. But that’s not okay.

You chose this job, and prospecting is part of it; you must own the responsibility.

Pick a path

There is an old saying that people only embrace the pain of change once the pain of the status quo becomes greater. I guess it's a "path of least resistance" thing.

No doubt, this applies to prospecting. You will only embrace your prospecting responsibility when you realize avoiding it is the scarier option. And, if you are the responsible professional I’m sure you are, there are at least four things scarier than making that call.

You let yourself down

If you think making that call is tough today, wait until you must overcome another day/week/month of the accumulated head trash that is inevitable when your “self-talk” has you kicking the can.

Regardless of the excuses you come up with for not prospecting, you disappoint yourself every time you play that card. If you make prospecting calls a part of your daily routine, you may never truly like it, but it will get less scary; you will like the results and feel more confident that you are performing as expected.

You let your team down

You have an entire team depending on you making that call. They know it’s scary to make it. That’s why they chose another position in the agency. But their future opportunities, continued employment, bonuses, and livelihood depend on you making the call.

Is that a heavy weight for you to have to carry? Yep! But you signed up for it. If you want a little motivation to pick up the phone, look your teammates in the eyes next time you walk through the office and remind yourself how much they depend on you making that next call.

New Call-to-action

You let your clients down

One of the most effective prospecting activities you can embrace is asking your current clients for referrals and introductions. You may not think of it this way, but if you don't call to ask your clients for TARGETED introductions, you deny them the opportunity to do a good deed.

It’s human nature that we like to do good things for people who have done good things for us. When you don’t ask your best clients to do you the favor of introducing you to a couple of their best business relationships, you deny them an opportunity to return the help you have provided them.

You let that “future opportunity” down

I hear honest feedback from producers all the time, telling me they are reluctant to "interrupt" someone by asking them for a meeting.

They are usually taken aback when I tell them it is their responsibility (beyond their job description) to make that call. It’s true.

I remind them they have the knowledge and an understanding of how to deal with problems that harm their business, issues the prospect may not even realize they have.

When you possess the knowledge, skills, and solutions that can improve or even save someone else's business, you are responsible for sharing that information. And, if you haven't educated yourself to that point, your business is in trouble.

The universe knows what she’s doing

The great thing about this life we get to live is that the universe keeps everything balanced. Sure, you have a job scarier and more difficult than most. But, when you stand up to the fear and tackle the difficulty, you also enjoy rewards beyond most anyone else can experience.

I mean, how cool is it that when you own the responsibility:

  • You build an inner confidence that you can take on anything.
  • You can look your teammates in the eye and know they have opportunities they wouldn’t have if not for you.
  • You have the type of relationship with your clients that only happens when you are close enough to ask one another for help.
  • You improve, or even save, businesses and the countless lives that depend on their success because of the knowledge you accumulated and shared.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty freakin’ cool.

And I don’t know about you, but missing out on that scares the hell out of me.


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Photo by deagreez