As we talk to agencies throughout the insurance industry, we are shocked by one, almost universal, constant: the lack of a well-thought-out, buyer-focused sales process.

It's one of the first inquiries we make of an agency owner, "Describe your sales process." Most are completely honest and admit they have none.

An effective sales process is critical for so many reasons. Many are for the benefit of your team.

  • A process you can train around.
  • A process that is consistent from one producer to another.
  • A process that ensures consistent sales results.
  • A process that gives the producer confidence.
  • A process that establishes client expectations and ensures they are met.
  • A process that differentiates you from your competition and provides you with a competitive advantage.

However, an effective sales process is actually less about the benefit it provides for the sales organization and much more about the benefits it provides the buyer.

The buyers of our products/services have been trained (by us as an industry) to buy the wrong way for years. We have reinforced the idea that they expect brokers to come quote their insurance.

Quoting the insurance is about choosing the right carrier; it has nothing to do with choosing the right broker.

For you to help your clients choose the right broker (you), they need a new process to lead them through a new buying process. They need to see a process that:

  • Establishes and focuses on the benefits of working with the right broker.
  • Helps them see clearly what is currently missing for them in being able to achieve the outcomes that result from working with the right broker.
  • Provides them confidence in making the right decision by moving them systematically through a process focused on helping them make the best buying decision, rather than on you selling to them.
  • Delivers confidence in their decision because they receive a plan of how their new broker will use their resources to deliver on the desired/needed/promised outcomes.

I am certain you have processes for everything else that happens in your agency. I am certain you have a process to send out an RFP, to renew an account, to set up a new client, to handle a service issue, etc.

Be certain you have a process for the one activity – selling – that makes everything else possible.

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