We get the privilege of talking to many insurance agency owners and leaders around the country. Through those conversations we learn a lot about how the typical agency operates and often share ideas about the consistency of operations we see. We want people to recognize that where they are is pretty standard, but we also want to instill the sense of urgency that it's imperative to begin making changes and not continue on the path of that legacy-style agency.

Specifically, as we interview agencies for admission to our network, we assess their current situation in seven key areas to a sales organization's success - the “safety net” if you will.

Here we want to share that information with you as well, so you can focus on what you need to do to become a sales organization and grow your own agency. The following slides are a summary of what we see as we evaluate operations and offer suggestions for changes and improvement on an agency's path to growing their business.

Behaving and looking like your competition does not offer you a competitive advantage. Read through the slides and assess your own situation: How safe are you in each area and what changes do you need to make to differentiate yourself from the typical agency?

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