You know that feeling when it's time to add another member to your team and you lose sleep over what the position will be, what skills the person would need, and who on earth would be capable of doing all those things?? 

For us, we knew. It was an easy choice. We've known Christian for several years and have worked with her both as a mentor and as a friend, and she has that special something we wanted on our team. And the way the members of our network responded to her, they clearly wanted to benefit from her advice and expertise.  

She has a contagious energy, a positive outlook, and a can-do attitude that genuinely makes you believe you can get things done you may not otherwise have thought possible. She’ll hold your hand, call you out, follow up on your assignments, and make sure that you genuinely get stuff done on her watch and make progress toward your goals. What more could you want in an accountability partner?? 

Get to know Christian a bit in her own words. Then connect with her on LinkedInand be sure to let her know you read about her here! 

Hey Christian! Tell us about yourself! 

What can I say? As my LinkedIn headline explains, I’m a “get s**t done” kind of person. With over 12 years of sales and marketing experience, I’ve run the gamut of working in sales for large corporations all the way down to being a party of one in the marketing department of an employee benefits firm. Needless to say, I’ve had to learn how to #GSD in a variety of environments.  

Somewhere amidst all of the madness, I found a passion for helping others become motivated and inspired to move past their fear and to their purpose in order to quit talking about doing and actually #GSD. Whether it’s talking a friend through an important decision, working on strategy with brokers to present to a client, or helping leadership work through their goals to meet their vision – I aspire to leave a positive, uplifting experience for anyone I interact with! (And I use exclamation points, a lot!!!)  

I love breaking things down that seem way TOO big to handle and making them into digestible, easy-to-accomplish goals. I love nothing more than sharing my hard-earned marketing knowledge and lessons, especially over sushi.  

Oh, and did I tell you I’m proud to be born and raised in the sunny state of Florida? ☀️😎 

Why did you want to work with the Q4i team? 

It was pretty simple, they believed in me, and I believe what they believed in (Do you think I can add believe in there one more time?!).  

For years I felt my purpose, but kept falling short in fulfilling it within my career. As I got to know the Q4i team as mentors, it was really clear that these are people I would love to work for and with. If there’s one thing I know in my years of working, it’s definitely not what your job title is or what industry you’re in, but who you’re working for that counts. That makes a huge difference.  

What are you most excited about in taking on this new role? 

Oh my goodness - what am I NOT excited about? My passion is helping others. At the end of the day, I want to know that I made a difference (no matter how small) in someone’s day. In my prior role in the agency, I was always able to help, but it was on a smaller level within the organization. With this role, I feel that I’ll be able to help in such a more global way across so many organizations, which is an incredible feeling!  

Welcome aboard, Christian! There’s a lot of stepping up already happening! 


Photo Credit: Kellie Day Photography 

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