Let's dive into a topic that's crucial for every ambitious agency out there: multi-level planning. When we’re surrounded by constant evolution of tactics and expectations, having strategic-level plans to rely on and keep you grounded is not just a nice-to-have; it's your roadmap to success.

Whether you're a sales professional, an account management professional, or you are steering things from the organizational level, planning is your best ally. Let's break it down into the four plans we make available for download and help get your planning off to a great start.

1. Take control of your sales goals with the Producer Planning Guide

This planning tool is for anyone on your team who is responsible for bringing in revenue.

  • Take stock and set goals: Begin by assessing where you stand today. This reality check is vital. Use a better way to set goals that push your limits yet remain achievable.
  • Ideal clients: Define who you want to work with and fill your pipeline accordingly. It’s about quality, not just quantity.
  • Accountability structure: Set up a system to keep yourself in check. Our most successful salespeople thrive with a defined accountability structure.
  • Stay Focused: Create a theme for your goals to maintain your focus. It’s like having a personal mantra for success.

Download the Q4i Producer Annual Planning Guide


2. Professional Development Plan for personal growth

This planning tool is for everyone on your team who is not in a selling role.

  • Review and vision: Assess your current role and how it fits into the company strategy. Where do you see yourself contributing today and in the future?
  • Plan for growth: Sketch out how you want to evolve within the company. It’s your career; steer it.
  • Skill up and track progress: Challenge yourself to learn more and perform at a higher level. Keep tabs on your progress.
  • Reflect and refocus: Regularly ponder your achievements and areas for further growth. It’s about continuous improvement.
  • Stay goal-oriented: Set a theme for your development goals. It keeps you aligned and motivated.

Download the Q4i Professional Development Plan


3. Charting Your Growth: The Marketing Annual Planning Guide

This planning tool is to ensure that your agency's voice is not just heard but resonates with the right audience.

  • Crafting the right message: Knowing what to say is as important as knowing whom to say it to. Identify the message that aligns with your audience's needs and interests.
  • Visualizing your marketing activities: See your marketing strategies come to life. It’s about turning abstract ideas into concrete actions.
  • Evaluating current strategies: Take a hard look at what you're currently doing. What’s working? What’s not? This honest appraisal is crucial for growth.
  • Planning for the future: Lay out your marketing activities for the upcoming year. It’s not just about having great ideas; it’s about executing them effectively.

Download the Q4i Marketing Annual Planning Guide


4. Planning for the future: The Agency Annual Planning Guide

This planning tool is for leadership to establish the organization plan and roll up and incorporate highlights from the Producer and Professional Development plans.

  • Assess your now: Look at your current business landscape and vision. It’s the starting line of your race.
  • Set goals and KPIs: Where do you want your agency to be tomorrow and in three years? Set tangible goals and key performance indicators to track your journey.
  • Operational blueprint: Outline how you’ll achieve these goals. It’s about the “how” as much as the “what.”

Download the Q4i Agency Annual Planning Guide


Planning at each level and for each team member is not just about setting goals. It’s about creating a living, breathing strategy that evolves with you and your agency. It will be the difference between reacting to change and anticipating it.

Get started by downloading each of the planning documents, sharing them with your team, and setting realistic deadlines for completing the plans. Make it a team activity by dedicating a day to planning where the whole team takes a few hours to concentrate and get theirs updated. Wrap up the day by having people share highlights from their plans and start the accountability right away.

Happy planning!

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