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Do you ever feel like you “literally just can’t even” as you’re trying to figure out what employee benefits Millennials love? (If you don’t know what this means, click the link above to learn more.)

The landscape of the American workforce has shifted, and Millennials have become the majority of American workers. With no signs of this stopping, it’s imperative that employers and employee benefit consultants understand what Millennials actually value in order to properly ease their pain points.

According to James Morrissey, a Boston Sr. Human Resources consultant, “Where Generation X sought a work/life balance, Millennials seem far more interested in work-life integration - making the pieces of their professional life and personal life align in ways that they coexist and often-times blend together.”  

Yes, we’d all love to work flexible hours… remotely… with unlimited PTO. But that may not be possible for all employers. And yet there are many ways to make millennials (and all of your other employees!) happier and healthier.

Here are 5 things you can start giving them today:

1. Immediacy of use (I want it NOW!)

Even the best platinum plans are of little use if employees can’t use the benefits when they need them.

The last things an employee wants to deal with when they’re sick are scheduling a visit for sometime in the future, having to get out of bed, get dressed, drive through traffic, and then sit in a doctor’s office for over an hour – all to finally speak with a doctor for 20 minutes to get a prescription.

Telehealth is a huge time and money saver – so use it, learn it, and love it. How about letting Millennials have an email conversation with specialists, pharmacists, dentists, alternative care providers, etc.? Sounds pretty great, right?

2. 24/7 access on the go (Whenever, wherever)

Our phones have become the centerpieces of our lives. They are with us constantly and we have everything housed within this one device. Millennials want to access their benefits wherever they happen to be, whenever they need them. And they want an easy, streamlined way to do it.

Have an app that’s intuitive. Have a website that’s mobile-friendly. Have a brand they can trust.

3. Concierge help (I’m kind of a big deal)

Insurance is an expansive labyrinth filled with pitfalls for the average consumer, let alone a younger employee who has likely never had to access “the system.” Any type of concierge help is a plus for Millennials.

This could be as simple as reminding employees that their plan includes a free preventative visit or explaining how their HSA works again. How about providing a personal advocate who can help answer questions specific to a plan, check providers in the network, get price quotes, book appointments, and even deal with billing issues?

These services not only save your employees money, they also empower them to make the best decisions for their health. And that’s good for everybody.

4. Transparency (I know exactly how much my iPhone will cost, but no idea how much my procedure is)

From water to rent to electricity, we can pull statements and bills for all the services we use. We can also easily get quotes and pricing tools to determine who has the fastest internet, what TV or streaming package will provide all the channels we want at the lowest rate, etc.

Why not do the same with medical plan information? There is no reason we shouldn’t know what and how much we are paying to use a particular benefit.

Provide employees with transparency tools. If you’re told you need an MRI, you’re going to want a list of providers covered in your network. Even better if you can read reviews on the doctor/lab/hospital, know what it’s going to cost, and know how that interacts specifically with your insurance plan.

Don’t simply provide a list of benefits; give people the tools to maximize how they use them.

5. Pets (My bae is even more spoiled than me)

Millennials are having kids later in life, opting to bring more pets into their families.

Two in three employees have a pet and they want to provide them with the best. Many spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on pets each year. From toys, treats and vet visits, to Halloween costumes and Christmas sweaters, owners want to make sure their furry friends are well taken care of.

Don’t only offer benefits for the health of the employee. Allow them to care for their entire family, regardless of class, order, or species. :-)

The benefits landscape is changing, and the needs of employees are evolving simultaneously. Millennials are an on-demand generation. They want it all and they want it now.

As an employer, you can’t always provide everything. But, you can work with a forward-thinking employee benefits consultant to design a customized plan that works for Millennials – and everyone else.

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