The importance of employee engagement and satisfaction is getting a lot of recognition. And it should be! Happier, more satisfied employees lead to lower turnover rates and increased loyalty and productivity—all things that are good for business! What’s good for your employees is good for you. 

With all the talk about how to encourage a culture of employee engagement within your business, it’s important not to overlook the first step: hiring the right employees for the right positions. You can have all the benefits, growth opportunities, and employee recognition you can muster, but if you’ve been hiring the wrong candidates, you’re bound to fail.  

 When hiring for your next position, here are three key ideas to keep in mind.  

Think about your candidates 

Who are you trying to attract to fill the position? Think about what their needs are and create a job offer that draws those candidates in. When writing your description, take the time to think about that ideal candidate and ask: what benefits and perks would stand out to them the most? What salary range is applicable to the role and the location?  

If you’re hiring for a remote work position, you want to make sure you’re attracting people with an independent disposition, who’re tech savvy, and able to work without direct supervision. If you’re hiring for an in-office position, you want to look for people who are okay with structure and like to work in a social environment.  

The hiring process is an opportunity for you to showcase your company culture and emphasize the traits you value most. Make the description clear and keep it honest. If you do this well, chances are they’ll be able to tell if it’s the right job for them.  Much in the same way you’d think about how you can create a positive experience tailored to your ideal customer, you want to attract the right candidates to the right positions. 

Don’t shy away from a challenge  

When you challenge your candidates in your interview process, you are giving them a chance to demonstrate their strengths and show you what they’re bringing to the table. Higher employee satisfaction rates have been found to correlate with a more challenging interview process. This is also a chance to set clear expectations for your candidates which, when they match up with the reality of the position, promotes trust long term. 

Make it easy 

In a study cited by The Society for Human Resources, it was found that conversion rates increase by 365% when a job application process takes five minutes or less to complete. Make your application process concise, straight forward, and easy to access. Show that you value their time by responding promptly, allowing them to respond back to you in a reasonable amount of time, and being on time to your meeting.  

Taking the time to invest in your hiring process and your candidates’ experience can increase the quality of hires by 70%. Remember, you are asking someone to give their time and energy to your team. Make sure you are giving them time and energy in return—it’ll pay off, we promise.   


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