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Goose: Your Ultimate Wingman



The industry has changed more in the last 18 months than in the previous 18 years.

We have been making this observation for years and continue to do so because it has become a rolling truism. Think about the amount of compound change this has generated!

You likely got into this industry to provide for your family, serve your community, and make a difference for employers and their employees. But we also know you are driven to win and grow your business.

There was a time when ours was a quaint, relatively simple industry. All that was expected of a broker was to get quotes at renewal, manage the enrollment process, and step in to handle whatever service problems arose during the year. About all it took to start and run an agency was an insurance license, a phone, a fax machine, and a computer. If you had this and were likable enough, you had what it took to succeed!

Not being disrespectful, but it didn’t take a whole lot of effort or breadth of knowledge to have a financially successful business. Which led to another observation of ours: that the financial reward for mediocrity in this industry has been excessively high.

Holy crap, how times have changed!!

Simply being a “broker” is no longer an option; industry professionals have had to grow and evolve into business advisors. And the areas on which they are expected to advise have expanded so far beyond insurance. Advisors are now expected to address issues for legal/compliance, communication, technology, HR, education, etc. Agency owners have no choice but to run their businesses in a much more intentional manner.

To compete in this new era, agency leaders and producers need business insights, tools, resources, and support. They need to understand their own business (be it a book of business or an entire agency) at a significantly deeper level to make the necessary impact on their clients' businesses.

Introducing Goose, your ultimate wingman

Like you, we have had to rethink and evolve our business to better support yours.

We are excited and proud to introduce you to our rebranded platform, Goose, Your Ultimate Wingman.




We are committed to continuously building a robust platform that addresses the varied needs of today’s benefits agencies and producers who are motivated to grow and find new levels of success. We built this platform with you in mind:

  • It’s financially accessible whether you are an individual producer just getting started or an entire agency looking to grow as a team.
  • It should become your home base and the first place to go when working on your business.
  • It provides the community and support we all need from coaches and like-minded peers on similar journeys.

Goose is your business and training destination

There are countless places to help you build your insurance knowledge, but that’s not us. We are here to ensure you reach your business growth potential.

You can have all the technical insurance knowledge in the world, but it will never serve you as you need until you build a healthy business model to plug it into. We’ll provide the training, tracking, motivation, and kick in the ass you need to keep going in the right direction when building your business.

Yep, you still have to fly the plane, but we’re here to help chart the course and make the trip more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Imagine where you can take this thing with a proper support system!

As your wingman, our role is to be the business coach who helps you build a book of business and run your business.


DashboardBuild the path you need for growth

Take our analyses to measure the health of your business, marketing and sales operations, and sales pipeline. Then, let us help you build your path to improved growth using our robust collection of tools and resources. Dive into our library of scripts, guides, worksheets, templates, calculators, spreadsheets, and videos.


Freemium Sales Support Email GraphicsGo far with a community of support and motivation

Share ideas, resources, successes, and failures, ask questions, and answer questions. Tap into coaches and your peer community to keep you on track and provide individualized guidance.



GroupsBuild a strong network for cohesive solution support

Delivering client impact is a team sport requiring collaboration with the right solution providers to win the game for your clients. Connect in a collaborative environment; develop more impactful partner relationships.


From the inception of Q4i, our mantra and commitment has been to “fill gaps and take away excuses.” We know there are legitimate challenges you face as you grow your business. We know because we’ve been you.

We admire how hard you work and are inspired by the difference you make for so many. While we can never want your success for you more than you do yourself, we are a damn close second. We are our client’s biggest cheerleader and tough-love accountability partner, and we take great pride in being the ultimate wingman for our clients to ensure they get to where they’re going.

Our organizational purpose is to transform and serve this industry, and we hope you agree that Goose is a powerful platform that can help you transform your business and achieve the results you have imagined for yourself and MORE.

Visit our website to learn more about Goose, and reach out to us for a demo and conversation on how we can support your growth journey as an agency or an individual producer.

Let’s go!


Content originally published on Q4intelligence