Are you filling your pipeline with the right kinds of referrals? Or just any referrals that come along?

Make the referral process easy and fill your pipeline with prospects you want to do business with.

  • Close more business with referral prospects
  • Most referral attempts fail because the work is left to the client
  • Ask for referrals from those clients who are your raving fans
  • Give clients a short list of those people they know that you'd like to meet
  • All the client has to do now is make the call

Transcript of the video included:

One of the most powerful ways to fill your pipeline with prospects and close more business is through Referrals—IF you know how to do it.

The truth is, most referral requests fail because the work is left to the client, who’s too busy to do it.

Here’s how to avoid this mistake.

List out the clients who love you most—your raving fans.

Next: for each raving fan, make two additional lists, labeled A, and B.

A” lists all the great things you’ve done for each client, which is a source of continued confidence that you’ve earned referrals.

“B” is a list of other companies within their circle of influence—companies you’d like to do business with. Bonus tip: find these by exploring their LinkedIn connections, business neighbors, non-profit boards, customers, vendors, industry groups, etc.

With the hard work already done FOR them, all the client needs to do is make the call!



Photo by gajus