Make sure your website is working for you rather than against you

Websites that tell your story are not compelling to buyers looking to improve their story.

  • Post relevant stories about how you've made a meaningful difference for your clients
  • Let them see how you're able to help businesses improve
  • Give them a compelling reason to call you
  • Talking about yourself, your carriers, your years in business are not compelling reasons

Transcript of the video included:

Imagine the names and logos of 10 random agency websites suddenly disappeared. Could you tell one company from the next?

Most of their sites would tell the same story—their story.

  • We’ve been in business 112 years.
  • We offer a free quote.
  • We represent the following carriers.
  • Our people are different.
  • We care more.

But prospects aren’t there for your story; they want to know how you can improve their story.

Instead of making them guess…collect and post specific, relevant, stories that describe how you’ve made a meaningful difference for your clients—like how you helped a client better communicate their benefit program, resulting in a deeper employee understanding and valuing of their benefits.

Placing stories like this front and center on your website gives prospects what they’re looking for. Then, watch your appointments skyrocket, as you give them the most powerful reason of all to engage you: Their reason.


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