Full Disclosure – Ours posts are 99.9% purely educational. However, this is one half of the .1% exception. While it primarily focuses on explaining why marketing is important to your growth, it also introduces our new division for insurance agency marketing and lead generation – Sales Enablement Services.

What would it mean for this year’s production if you had . . . 

  • The right number of the right leads in your pipeline?
  • A website that prospects saw as a “have to read” resource?
  • Local market domination as a result of your marketing/brand presence?
  • Or even the energy that comes from simply making waves in an otherwise stagnant marketing pond of competitors?

You may be saying to yourself, “Damn, I would really like to have any one of those! 2017 would be my best year ever!”

If your response was anything like that at all, you have to change your sense of urgency. In today’s buyer-controlled sales environment, “like to have” won’t cut it. These are realities you “have to have” to find any level of predictable success.

Introducing Q4i Marketing & Lead Generation for Insurance Agencies

You are at your best when you are in front of prospects. We are at our best when we are working to put you in front of them. Recognizing that reality, we are proud to formally launch a suite of Sales Enablement Services that bring together the best of what we each do. Finally, right?!

  • Need an updated website and someone to write the copy?
  • Want to get started with content marketing to share great ideas and establish a social presence?
  • How about some help opening doors with fresh prospects?

As industry insiders and long-time (successful) users of content/inbound marketing, we should be your first call. Take a look at some of the details in the slides below.

And then let us know if/when you are ready to discuss the power of YOU + US. But, don’t wait too long, we are only going to be working with a select few agencies this year for each potential engagement.

Q4i Sales Enablement Services for Insurance Agencies from Q4intelligence | An Agency Transformation Network


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Photo by © Pockygallery11