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It's Not a Popularity Contest



Participating in social media can be a strange experience. Don’t get me wrong; it is critically important to participate professionally to establish your brand and expand your marketing reach. However, too often, we fall into the trap of incorrectly evaluating the ROI of our effort. 

The trap is built into the experience itself; it’s built partially to create an addiction to the platform. It’s right there in the endorphin rush that comes from the likes, comments, and shares. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the feedback unless you allow it to be the only feedback you measure. 

Looks can be deceiving 

Those 👍, ❤️, and 💡 are not a complete, sometimes even accurate, reflection of your worth or the impact of your content. The popularity contest on social media can be deceiving. We're neither as beloved nor as reviled as our online scorecards may suggest. The applause of a few followers or the silence of others shouldn't define our value or dictate our self-worth. It's a mere glimpse into a much broader and more complex reality. 

What appears on your timeline represents but a fraction of how your messages truly resonate with your audience. Your most significant impact and its scope happen offline, but without effort, you may never know the significance of your impact. 

But it’s there if you pay attention. If you approach social media as the marketing platform it is, you know the goal of showing up online is to create an opportunity for an actual offline conversation. It is in these conversations, their quantity and quality, where you’ll get a more accurate picture of the impact you are making. 

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The value lies outside of social media

The temptation of pursuing the endorphin rush triggered by likes and comments is undeniable. After all, who doesn't enjoy a virtual pat on the back or a flurry of heart emojis? But let's not allow these fleeting moments of validation to distract us from what truly matters: delivering impactful value to our target audience. 

When we stop pandering to the masses by posting for superficial interactions, real connections become possible. It may not provide the immediate endorphin rush, but it lays the foundation for something much more substantial and rewarding. We start connecting with our audience on a deeper level, demonstrating an understanding of their needs, and engaging in genuine and meaningful conversations. 

If your goal is to build your brand and business rather than boosting your ego, it’s all about speaking directly to the needs of your target prospects and clients. It's about cutting through the clutter and delivering value that resonates with them personally and professionally.  

The likes, comments, and shares will still come, but don’t let them be your motivation. Be motivated by the knowledge that your willingness to share ideas, opinions, and advice, delivered with your target audience in mind, is going to resonate and make a difference for them. 

Value + Consistency = Trust 

But delivering value is only half the battle. Consistency is the binding agent that holds it all together. In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, consistency is key to maintaining relevance and building trust with our audience. It's about showing up day in and day out, delivering on our promises, and nurturing meaningful relationships with our followers.  

By staying true to these principles, speaking authentically to the needs of our audience, delivering impactful value, and doing it all consistently, we position ourselves for success online and, ultimately, in person. We’ll do so because this is what will attract the attention of those who matter most to our business and other businesses who stand to benefit from what we have to offer. 

The next time you find yourself caught up in the whirlwind of social media metrics, remember this: popularity on social media is fleeting, but the impact you make on the lives and businesses of your audience is everlasting. Focus on what truly matters, delivering value, building relationships, and making a difference. The rest will fall into place. 


Content originally published on Q4intelligence

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