There are things in our lives that we would all like to do that we never get around to. Some are merely fantasies, some are "bucket list” items, and yet others are things we should be doing – right now!

Unfortunately, our list of excuses for not doing those things is usually as long as the to-do list itself. The most common excuse of all? “I don’t have time.”

I don’t have time

But isn’t it amazing how quickly the time materializes when the to-do becomes an urgent priority?

That visit to the dentist for a checkup you couldn’t get on the calendar becomes much more of a priority when you wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache.

The trips to the gym you always plan to start “next week” becomes an obsession when you get invited to your high school reunion.

That noise from under the hood of your car that you couldn’t find time to take to the mechanic creates a new sense of urgency when smoke starts rolling out from under the hood while driving 70 mph down the highway.

Of course, the "no time" excuse doesn't just get played in our personal lives; it shows up in our business lives.

What’s next?

Is a reduced commission schedule from the carriers your next toothache?

Is your empty prospect pipeline feeling like an extra 20 pounds?

Is that noise you keep ignoring a new competitor coming after your business?

We hear it from you all the time:

“I know I need to _____________________ (fill in the blank – prospect, practice my sales presentation, build a sales presentation, put together a business plan, coach my team, write an article, etc.) more and I would if I could just find/make more time.”

There is no "making more time," and you won’t miraculously “find time.” Time is finite. The closest thing you have is to effectively prioritize the way you spend the time you have.

Make that bucket list

Humor me for a moment. Make a list of the items on your “business bucket list.” Think big and strategically.

Maybe your list includes:

  • refining your sales process to double your previous best new business year,
  • implementing a marketing strategy to enhance your brand presence,
  • prospecting to maintain a full pipeline of prospects,
  • stepping up your leadership game to have a more engaged team,
  • or making such an impact on your clients that they become your biggest promoters.

Now, list how you spent your time this past week (in detail). Many of your lists are more reactive and tactical than big and strategic. There probably isn’t consistency between the two lists you need.

I’m also going to guess that you would be in a much better place right now if you had replaced your actual activities and excuses with an item or two from your bucket list. Am I right?

Last week is nothing but a memory, but this week is still full of opportunity and promise. This week can become whatever you want and commit to it being.

It's up to you, friends, to decide what you will do. Will you wait to see what the week brings you and pull out the "lack of time" excuse, or will you stop now and set your priorities for the week?

You can make excuses, or you can make shit happen. Kind of ironic which of those stinks, isn't it?


Photo by crazymedia