SHIFT-ton – noun. A unit of measurement used to weigh the reasons you should attend Q4Live. 

Let me cut to the chase. This post is about encouraging you to join us for our next employee benefits networking conference, Q4Live, May 20 – 22 in Nashville. As much as we may think you need to attend, we also know our event isn’t the right fit for everyone.  

Let’s figure this SHIFT out! 

The big picture 

Our theme for the year and for this event is, “Get Your SHIFT Together”. And, yes, there is an intentional double meaning. While other conferences are an endless introduction of new products, hit the same basic way-too-familiar agenda, or even leave you feeling like you were held captive inside an infomercial, that’s not us. 

Our conference is three days of the types of conversations and interactions you have come to expect from us based on what you read weekly in this blog and daily online. If you have followed us for any length of time, you know how passionately we write about the industry, challenges we observe, things that frustrate us, things worth celebrating, how to be more successful, and generally about this industry journey we are all on together. 

Where our paths may cross on that journey 

And, WOW, has that journey become more challenging! But, successfully navigating the challenges and journey are at the core of how we help agencies day-to-day. 

Maybe you read our stuff but haven’t really figured out exactly what it is we do. If so, let me help you better understand. This is important for you in deciding to attend our event because this event is an extension of the work we do and the commitment we make to agencies daily. There are lots of moving parts, but it boils down to this.  

We prepare our clients to put the right number of the right opportunities in their pipeline, systematically move those opportunities through the pipeline to close, and run more efficient agencies around the resulting clients. 

Pretty basic, right? Yeah, but it has never been more difficult for agencies to do this. Which gets back to our theme.  

We know that for agencies to be successful, they must shift the way they work:  

  • The client experience they deliver 
  • The sales process they use to move them through the pipeline 
  • The marketing strategy/plan they execute to get the attention of the right people in the first place.  

However, many also need to get their shit together (yeah, I said it) before they are ready for such significant shifts. Q4Live addresses both. 

Enter Q4Live 


Or, more accurately, should you consider entering the room at Q4Live?

  1. Would you benefit from ideas and strategies to get the basics of your house in order? If so, this may be the right event for you. (Please pass go my friend 👉) 
  2. Are you ready to shift your marketing presence, sales process, and client experience to more effectively speak to the needs of today’s businesses? If so, you may want to start clearing your calendar. (I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t been this excited since I got Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots for my 5th birthday 😆) 
  3. Do you enjoy being in a room full of like-minded professionals willing to challenge and be challenged for the purpose of making one another stronger? (Holy crap, us too!! 🤪Good news! I just asked the magic 8 ball if you should attend. It said, “Signs point to yes.” 👍) 
  4. Do you enjoy the ideas, tone, and purpose of the conversations we bring to you via this blog and our online presence to help you improve your employee benefits strategies? 🤔 

If you are still answering yes, then pack your SHIFT, cowfolk, and meet us in Nashville!! 🤠 

Still not QUITE sure? 

As a final bit of encouragement, don’t simply take our word for it, take it from those who have already put themselves in the room before and who have come to us to help them with the same challenges you may be facing. 

  • I've followed your writing for a long time, and in person, you are exactly as I expected you to be based on everything I've read, seen, and heard over the years. Our conversations have been exactly what we needed and I was hoping to find. 
  • I'm more challenged by Q4i's content than any other industry source & feel you're helping prepare the industry for where it is heading.  
  • Q4Live 2018 was one of the best conferences in my career. I need to be around thought leaders like your attendees! We help each other be better. 

Final Disclaimer – Please read before taking a trip with us 

Q4Live is a powerful experience. Before taking, consult with your team. Side effects are common and may include challenged thinking, increased heart rate, uncontrollable laughter, a sense of community, collaboration, optimism, clarity of vision, confidence, vulnerability, a SHIFT-ton of ideas, and, by the end of the event, fatigue. 

Gut check 

As our video-dude asks, “Are you ready? Are you REALLY ready?” 

If so, don’t forget to throw your cowboy boots in your suitcase. They’ll come in handy as you get ready to kick the SHIFT out of your competition when you get back home. 

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