Kevin and I sat with David Saltzman, host of The ShiftShapers Podcast, to discuss the ideas from our book, The Salesperson’s Guide to Growing a Business. Listen to our conversation as we reveal some secrets to propelling your business forward.

David has been producing this podcast for ten years and has gathered a wealth of information from his guests. You can find it all on his website or wherever you get your podcasts. He keeps them fairly short, so you can snack on several while at the gym, out walking, taking a road trip, cleaning the house, or wherever you like to podcast. 😀

The ShiftShapers Podcast

Ep#479: Driving Growth in the Benefits Industry with Marketing: A Conversation with Kevin Trokey and Wendy Keneipp

In this enlightening discussion, Kevin and Wendy share their experiences and lessons learned, which are also included in their book, The Salesperson's Guide to Growing a Business. The conversation touches on the importance of shifting from accidental to intentional business strategies, the role of marketing, effective prospecting in sales, the impact of technology, and the crucial role of leadership in an organization. They emphasize the need to view sales as a relationship and advice-based endeavor while providing great insights regarding industry practices and strategies.

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Chapter markers

  • 0:00 Lessons for Business Growth
  • 7:49 Marketing and Sales Strategy Alignment
  • 17:27 Technology and Leadership in Sales
  • 31:35 Relationships and Business Growth


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