Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson

Does 4th quarter have you feeling like you just went a few rounds with Iron Mike? The thing is, you’re always going to get punched in the mouth. Don’t think that having a plan is a waste of time or effort; it’s just that your response to the punch (and avoiding as many as possible) has to be a part of that plan.

And, that right there is perhaps the single greatest reason for you to attend Q4Live next month. To work side-by-side with some of the most remarkable professionals in the industry. Professionals who are a part of an amazing community changing the way they work and the ways they are preparing employers to engage with their employees and their benefits program.

A group of these advisors and vendors are coming together for some concentrated networking, sharing of ideas, and helping one another prepare and plan for a successful, and less painful, 2020. You’re going to want to be one of them!

Q4Live is January 27 – 29, 2020 in Tampa, Florida.

Applications open now for interested vendors and advisors.



It’s a heavy lift you make for your clients

We know the dust is just now starting to settle on 4th quarter. We understand that all you’re looking to do is get away from the business for a bit. You’re tired, you’re exhausted, you need a break.

We can totally appreciate how daunting it sounds to think about making the time and financial investment to be away from the office.

But we also know that the same passion that has caused you to leave everything on the table in 4th quarter is the same passion in you that can’t be denied. You love your business, you love the impact you make on your clients, you would do just about anything to make both more successful.

Running a successful business as a benefits professional takes more than a few sales here and there; you have to look at your business in its entirety. Helping your clients run a successful benefits and HR program takes more than a spreadsheet and capabilities binder. Both take insight, fresh ideas, a willingness to be a little uncomfortable, and a framework for execution.

This ain’t your daddy’s benefits conference

The success you are committed to doesn’t just happen, it takes an intentional effort to up your game and enable others to do the same. You don’t find this opportunity just anywhere. 

Q4Live Table Nashville 19As great as so many other conferences are, to my knowledge, none are focused on your organizational success like Q4Live. From the vendors who attend, to the agencies in the room, to the outside speakers; everyone is focused on ONE THING: ensuring that everyone who attends leaves feeling more confident and better prepared for success.

“I have been to many industry events and this one was the best of the best. Honestly, I did not feel that one second of my time was wasted, it was unlike anything I have been a part of before. I came away with new knowledge, new friends, and an even stronger desire to create a ‘new normal’ for my clients.”


Step up your game!

We’ll take the time together to look at company operations, from marketing to sales to client experience to agency leadership. We will help you up your game in bringing a complete message and a complete program to life in an effective way that resonates with buyers.

We’ll hear from agencies to see how they’ve been making shifts in their operations and are seeing significant results:

  • How they’re using marketing to fill their pipelines and see their best sales year ever
  • How their message is resonating with clients in such a way that they have new business knocking down the door
  • How they’re changing their client experience to appeal to new categories of business
  • How they’re making the tough leadership decisions to see year-over-year growth

Learn about new problems to solve, not just new products to sell

At so many conferences, vendors are relegated to an exhibit hall with little opportunity for meaningful interaction. Not at Q4Live. Vendors are a critical part of the answer and you will learn from one another throughout the duration of the conference. Agencies won’t walk away with an overwhelming list of new companies to vet. Instead, you’ll walk away with a powerful list of the new client problems you are going to be able to solve. Vendor Speaking Q4Live Nashville 19

This will happen because our vendors have committed to come and, not only share their services, but they’ll, first and foremost, educate us and help facilitate discussions about how to bring more value to employers and their employees. Vendors are so often the key to these improved relationships and who better to educate us on the topics than those who know it best?!

Come prepared to learn and talk about how to . . .

  • Bring effective communications to employees
  • How to talk with employers about retention and retaining their non-benefited employees
  • How to streamline HR and IT operations to make the life of the employer and employee better and easier – yes, easier!
  • And, that’s just the beginning


It’s all about the brand

Are you tired of hearing so many employers claim that “all brokers are the same”? Of course you’re not all alike, but you can only help them see that by more effectively managing your brand. We gotya’!

We’re going to wrap up the conference with sharing and discussion about company branding, why it’s important, and how to get your arms wrapped around this idea so foreign to so many business owners.

We’ll even go a level deeper and discuss what it looks like in today’s business world to operate your organization as a start-up. Because the health insurance industry has become a hotbed for new companies and ideas, we’re going to find out what that looks like, direct from the sources!

Sponsors make the conference better!

As a vendor, you can up your participation by being a sponsor as well. When you do, you’ll get pre-conference promotion and extra love throughout the event! The support from our sponsors is incredibly valuable in helping us bring in outside speakers and in keeping the quality of the event high.

We have a reputation for not only awesome content and attendees, but great food, fun drink, and many good times.

We all appreciate our sponsors for their participation in attending and helping to make a significant and memorable event for everyone! Wonder what the sponsors think? They think it’s a priority investment:

“As a vendor, we have received tremendous value from sponsoring Q4Live. The learning opportunity alone is worth the price of admission, but the new business ROI has made it a priority.”

Building relationships to build your business

We have great keynote speakers who make you think and reevaluate the way you’re working together. Patrick Galvin, cofounder and chief galvanizer of  The Galvanizing Group, will be keynoting, showing us how high-performing companies and teams galvanize repeat and referred business through better relationships.

All attendees will receive a copy of his book, The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time, a parable about a struggling insurance agency owner who discovers simple, yet effective, ways to cultivate relationships that fuel his personal and professional success. 

It’s a great read that speaks directly to the topics we will be addressing throughout the conference.

Interested in attending?

Great! We’d love to have you join us. The more, and varied, voices help us all become better and raise the level of service to employers and employees.

Kevin Trokey Q4Live Nashville 19Whether you’re with an agency, or a vendor providing services to agencies and their employers, you’re invited to join us as an active part of our learning community. We do keep our attendance list limited so we can have meaningful conversations. So, don’t spend time overthinking it – just fill out the application to let us know you want to be there, and get ready to join us!

Are you committed to professional growth? Then you need to be with us in Tampa! You know you want to. Click the button and let us know! ↓↓↓