One reason to say yes. Sometimes that all it takes.

We can usually come up with a laundry list of reasons why we shouldn't or couldn't do something. But the real challenge lies in asking ourselves why we should do something.

You might find that the one reason you should do it makes up for a list of reasons you shouldn't, or couldn't, or don't want to do it.

We tell producers and agency leaders this all the time. And sometimes we're faced with our own situations where we need to take our own advice.

My daughter is graduating from high school this year, and it's been a year with many difficult discussions and decisions regarding college plans. It's never been a question of if she would go to college, but rather where she would go.

As you're well aware, there are so many factors are involved in a decision like this. And when you start to become afraid of the answer, it suddenly becomes easier and easier to put up defenses and start creating that "shouldn't" list in spades. And I did just that. I spent an entire week before the decision deadline listing and arguing every single reason it didn't make sense because I was afraid of the answer – for numerous reasons apparently.

And then on the final day as I had many hours traveling with my own thoughts on airplanes and shuttle buses, I challenged myself with the "Why should I?" question.

And at a point like this, suddenly all the arguments become insignificant; previously insurmountable obstacles seem manageable; and getting to the goal becomes all that matters. Because you feel the power in your ability to make it happen and your desire to make it happen. You know you should do it, and now you also know why you should do it.

When you ask yourself, "Of all the reasons I shouldn't, why should I make this happen?", you might find a whole new level of courage.

When you see others struggling with a decision, encourage them to try this little exercise, and you might just get to see the magic of their internal strength really come out.


Photo by deagreez