Whatever you choose as the measure of your success will determine your opportunities to develop and achieve even greater success. If your measure is too narrow, so too will be your recognition of opportunities to improve.

Too often I see producers and agency owners who get complacent and, at times, overly confident because they are satisfied with the amount of new business they are writing. No doubt, this is a critical measure of success. The problem is, all too often, this becomes the ONLY definition of success and they lose their edge in self-critiquing and working toward incremental improvements to drive that final multi-faceted definition of success.

I regularly hear producers/owners express their desires to find opportunities to learn from others. However, if a producer or owner looks around the "room" and believes they can only learn from someone who is out-producing them, they are going to look right past countless other learning opportunities.

I applaud this desire to be around those who are better, but a myopic view of the quality of a room is dangerous. That myopic belief that production numbers are all that matter will lead to missed opportunities for personal improvement.

If you look around the room and find that not only are you producing the best numbers, but that you are also the

  • smartest
  • most disciplined
  • most insightful
  • best communicator
  • biggest thinker
  • most innovative
  • most effective team player
  • greatest prospector
  • most consistent
  • best business leader, marketer, developer of people
  • and you have the greatest business acumen,
  • the trust and loyalty of your team,
  • a disciplined, accountable, healthy culture... (the list goes on)

...well, then it's time to find a new room.

However, until you can make all of those claims, then shame on you for not putting yourself in as many new rooms as possible and learning everything you can, every time you enter.

Once we are our own harshest critics and are honest about how much growing and learning we have to do, in all of the areas that contribute to that final measurement of results, then we will all find we haven't even come close to reaching our potential as a producer/owner, regardless of how good we might be already. And, the best among us are going to find that exciting, energizing, and motivational, which will create greater separation from everyone else.


Photo by ID 19932559 © Oxlock | Dreamstime.com