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I've always been physically active, but I have to work very hard to achieve what I do.

Growing up, I played basketball for many years, and I ran in cross country – I was top of the class, so to speak, but I was also at my peak. There was no natural talent taking me any further. I was not going to be a varsity star, and I certainly was not taking anything to college.

All the activities I do now, I do for fun and honestly, the hard work of it. I just enjoy a good hard work session and a good sweat. But to be any good at anything, I need coaching.

Coaches can come in many forms: from a friend who's doing the same thing to a group class instructor to a 1-1 coach. It just depends on where you are in your development and what your goals are. All of them can be the right answer – at different times or even in tandem.

Right now, I have a workout partner, and together, we have a strength training coach who is working very hard to get our deadlifts, squats, and bench press RIGHT. It’s hard for her because nothing physical comes naturally to me. I’m a challenging student. But I work really hard, and eventually, I get there, and I feel so good about the progress.

It's the same thing in business. When you decide you want to make a change, you look around at your options, ask people for referrals or advice, and you make a decision on what to pursue and in what format.

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Are you at a point in your career where you want to get started? Maybe you’re ready to take a major leap and level up your career. Or maybe you’re “tired of not being great,” as someone recently told us.

Whatever your goal, having a peer group and someone with more expertise and experience in that area is what to look for.

Now, asking for that instruction, direction, or coaching can be a humbling experience, because you have to make yourself vulnerable to admitting that you don’t know everything and that you want instruction. It can be hard to take that step. I get it.

My strength training coach is half my age. While she has many fewer years of doing physical activities than I do, she has a vast amount of knowledge that I want to tap into.

And working with a friend has also made the learning experience faster because we get to watch one another, we get to listen to all the instruction that we each receive, and then we get to talk about it together. It’s really enhanced the learning experience to have a network and accountability partners.

So regardless of where your instruction comes from, I highly recommend finding a group and an instructor or coach to help you with whatever goals you’re working toward. It always helps me.


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