For us, what makes a really great week is very clear: client success and breakthroughs.

Yes, of course we celebrate when we get word that we’re bringing a new client into the network. But even at that, we’re excited about the new client because we know we can help them build a better, stronger business and that they’ll be a valuable addition to our network of agencies all striving toward a vision of greatness.

This last week was a really great week for us.

“Getting it”

We recently we took a group of clients through sales training and they really “got it.” That’s important because our sales system is not for the faint of heart. But for those who use it, it’s a game changer. We’ve actually had a client call to tell us they have so much new business they can’t keep up and it’s all our fault. Okay, we accept!

The feedback from training has been flowing in this week with things like,

The time went too quickly as it often does when we are enjoying the learning, the people and quality of the experience.”

“I’ve gotten great feedback from the team and want to be sure our engagement with you is ongoing.”

“Last week was awesome, it’s amazing the traction we’ve got building!”

“I look forward to taking control of my business and becoming a feared competitor!”

Watching people “get it” and hearing the feedback that they’re excited about it, putting it to work, and making progress with it totally makes our day.


Another great source of energy this week came from a very excited client who had a breakthrough on her non-insurance consulting. She began talking with clients in earnest about their value and expanded services, and immediately started turning those conversations into revenue. And her team is equally excited!


Another client has been working diligently on defining their brand: culture, values, purpose, audience, value proposition. With all that hard work defined and in place, they’ve moved into developing a marketing strategy, instead of just randomly pursing anything bright and shiny that comes their way. This was a huge milestone accomplishment that was also immediately put into use and being celebrated for the achievement in the process and genuine enthusiasm for how these efforts will impact the business.


And finally the week wrapped up with a client letting us know that they’re ready to knock it out of the park! It’s been building and is obvious to us that’s where they’re going, but personal recognition is a powerful motivator.

How about you?

We get the privilege of hearing these success stories because of our relationships with clients. We want to hear them and want to be a part of the celebration. It’s what drives us, gives us energy, motivates us to work harder for them. Our purpose is to help agencies become feared competitors, so progress toward that goal is cause for celebration.

As you think about your business and your clients, what is your purpose? And what is it that gets you energized throughout the week?

  • Is it a call of excitement from a client or a team member?
  • Winning new business?
  • Helping set a strategy?
  • Solving a complex problem?
  • Helping clients navigate the system?

We’ve all got motivators that drive us and keep us going in the work that we do, otherwise we eventually seek out other, more satisfying work. If you don’t have immediate answers to the questions about purpose and energy, spend some time really thinking about it. You, your business, and your clients deserve the most impassioned You!

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