To say this has been an unprecedented year doesn't even come close to describing its reality. I think it's safe to say we have all had times of self-doubt, confusion, frustration, and more time spent in reflection than ever before.

Perhaps never before has the advice received, or the lessons learned, been more appreciated or impactful than they have been this year.

In the spirit of supporting one another, some good friends have been willing to share some of their lessons and advice they have received from others. I initially asked them for these ideas because of a Tweet I came across that resonated with me.

Don't accept criticism from people you would never ask for advice.

Please take the time to think about and absorb what each of them has shared. If it resonates, share it with others.

Kevin Kennedy | Velocity Benefits

You have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one. However you spend your time, spend it wisely.

Colleen Orton | ARK Insurance Solutions, LLC

"Nobody thinks about you as much as you do" This sounds harsh, but really, it's not. We are the center of our own universe. When we're worried that we screwed up or look silly, remember, everyone else is probably too busy worrying about themselves and their own lives to be critical of you.

Dave Mordo | BenefitMall

Remember where you came from because the same people you meet climbing the ladder to success are the same ones you'll meet on your way down.

Sharon Tiger | Geospark Analytics

Don't worry about what you cannot control or influence.

Adam Rosenfeld | Rubicon Benefits

"Money can't buy sleep." -- I was told this when I first became a dad. I've expanded it way beyond the obvious literal meaning and apply it continually and daily by enjoying the moments I am in rather than worrying about what's next.

Enjoy the ups even though you know they can only be peaks relative to the valleys in life (think about that one). And when in a valley, know that this too shall pass since the converse is true as well.

Tom Avery | Signal Sync

More than ever, get up and move - physically. We've all been stuck in place, and this will continue for a while. Don't just sit at your desk and pound out work all day, every day. Grab a book, sit under a tree, and read for just 30 minutes. Get away from your family (they need it as much as you do). Stretch, do yoga, visit a neighbor (socially distanced, of course 😉 ). What I have learned is that this is more important than ever for our mental health.

Kevin Curran | EBSME

On sales hot streaks and cold streaks: Take out a notebook and capture what you have been doing for future reference, inspiration, and warning signs.

When managing someone in a slump, start them with one small attainable goal and work to build their confidence. Often, it just takes a few small wins to boost a team member's ego and dramatically improve their results.

Tim Leman | Gibson

We'd never throw away money. Yet, we throw away time that is worth way more than money.

Jenn Walsh | GenuineShift

Every time you feel yourself being pulled into other people's nonsense, repeat these words, "not my circus, not my monkeys."

Pete Travis | The Howard Group

If you list the problems but present no solution to those problems, then you're just a whiner.

Wendy Keneipp | Q4intelligence

I was tackling a particularly difficult challenge, and a very dear friend asked me what I wanted, what I hoped to gain with the change I was facing. It forced me to visualize the future, which became my target, thinking about it daily and manifesting it.

So, to sum it up: Visualize what you want and make it happen!

Barry Cohn | JorgensenHR

"No more than my space, no more than my place:" - a Jewish Middah about humility.

Nancy Giacolone | Olympic Crest Insurance

Always be the person you want the other person to be.

Angela Johnston | HUB International

It is important to take time each day to look for the positive in situations around you. Times of crisis can be scary; however, opportunities do exist. Be sure you are staying alert.

Wanza Schweiger | Benefit Innovations

Never ever give up.

Chris Mathew | Sun Life

The little things add up to the big things. Be thoughtful and intentional with the small things, don't stress over them. Over time you'll see leaps are taken from them, not just steps.

Sarah Borders | Benefits Compliance Solutions

I remember the training video from my first job teaching us how to handle an upset customer. It advised us to apologize to the customer for the mistake and make it right. Don't ever tell them that's not my job or blame someone else. Just make it right.

Shannon Ellis | Dallas Independent School District

To enter every room with the full intention of making the inhabitants benefit from your presence more than you benefit from theirs. Never leave a room where you have taken more than you have given.

Tanya Boyd | Tanya Boyd & Associates

The best advice I got in 2020 was to turn off the news!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has shared and contributed to this list. If you are reading this post on social media, please continue paying it forward by sharing the article or leaving additional advice in the comment section.

Be safe. Be smart. Be balanced. Be strong.

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