I recently finished a coaching call feeling totally inspired, and I wanted to share that inspiration. I was talking with Dennis Morgret, a benefits producer with Liberty Insurance Agency out of Pittsburgh, PA. He just returned from one of our producer training programs, and to say he is all fired up and ready to go would be a huge understatement.

Upon his return to his agency, he was asked to speak at a sales meeting and share what he had learned during the training program. He has always been committed to maintaining his physical fitness, and he used that as an analogy to share his experience with the team.

He told the group, “Most of you workout. You go to the gym and lift weights, do cardio, or whatever you enjoy doing at the gym. There are days when it is a challenge to get into the gym, when you would rather be doing anything other than busting your butt, but you still go. Why? You do it because you like the results, you like the way you look in the mirror, because you feel better in your clothes, because of the improved confidence you have for your effort. You do it to remain strong and healthy. You also know those results won’t happen if you don’t show up and push yourself.”

He continued, “We have to approach our careers the same way. We have to make practicing and challenging ourselves part of every day. If we want to be as sharp professionally as we are physically, we have to work on it every day. If you want better results for your sales efforts, if you want to be more confident as you approach your workday, it takes work and effort and dedication. Push yourself harder, set higher expectations, “add more weights, run an extra mile”. There will be days you would rather not, but the results you get will make it just as important for your professional well being as working out is for your physical well being.”

He went on to tell me that when he took the line at any of the countless races in which he has competed, the months of training gave him comfort. He knew exactly what he was capable of accomplishing that day because of the training and preparation from those many months before.

He has come to realize that he has been showing up for the workday waiting for the starting gun, but unsure of what would happen. He was just hoping it would be something good. He now understands that his work achievements can be as enviable as his physical achievements; it just takes the same level of dedication, training, and preparation.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. My prediction? Dennis will be leaving his competition in the dust.

How do you push yourself to get better every day? Share what works for you, I’m sure someone else reading this post will appreciate your idea.


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Photo by hakinmhan