Dance like nobody is watching
Sing like nobody is listening
Love like you’ve never been hurt
Work like you don’t need the money

This is one of those classic quotes that has as many versions as it does credited authors. But really, could you be given better advice?! And, how amazing would it be if you actually followed this advice?!

As different as each might be, the two things they all have in common is that they require confidence and passion.

I’m not sure about the first three, but I do think that if you work with confidence and passion and like you don’t need the money, you may actually end up in that position of truly not needing the money.

So, how would you work if you truly didn’t need the money?

  • I bet you would be very selective about whom you allowed to be a client.
  • I bet you wouldn’t waste your time chasing prospects you were fairly certain were never going to be clients.
  • I am certain your confidence would never allow you to discount your services or keep you from asking to be paid fairly.
  • I believe you would invest in the best resources that would allow you to perform your job at the highest level possible.
  • I believe your financial independence would force you to slow down enough to make sure your prospects truly need what you have to offer.
  • I can imagine that your level of confidence and passion would be absolutely contagious when you talk about how you help your clients (after all, it’s now about helping others rather than benefiting yourself).

Like I said already, work this way consistently and long enough, and you may very well find that you truly no longer need the money. At the very least, just start working this way, and you will find yourself in control and no longer having to chase any prospect that can fog a mirror.

What about you? How would you work differently if you didn’t need the money?


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Photo by fizkes