Before you can become the agency for which you strive to be, it is critical to have clarity about what that future looks like. Organizations with a clear vision of what the company will look like in the future move faster and with greater purpose and confidence. A vision isn’t a flowery statement to be framed and hung on the conference room wall, rather it is a rallying point and road map to keep everyone focused and moving as one.

Go through this exercise to get yourself started:

Step 1: Qualitative Vision – The qualitative vision focuses on culture and looks at ways of thinking and behaving; it paints a picture of what you want to look like at some point in the future.

In your critical areas, describe in detail both what you look like today and what you need to look like in the future. From there, identify the beliefs, thinking, and behaviors that need to be reinforced, need to start, or which need adjustment for the new vision to become a reality.

Some critical areas you may include:
• Separation of sales/service
• Right people in right jobs
• Value focused sales process
• Culture of accountability
• Personal development

Step 2: Quantitative Vision –The quantitative vision includes the measurable items, or critical indicators, that allow us to measure the results of our efforts. Again, start by identifying where you are currently and commit to the standard you need to meet at a defined point in the future. Those vision numbers need to be achievable and believable, yet challenging enough that their achievement will require focus and determination from the whole team.

Your critical indicators may include:
• Total Revenue
• Revenue Growth as a %
• Revenue per Employee
• Revenue per Producer
• Revenue per Relationship
• Closing Ratio

Share this information with everyone in the organization, review it regularly and discuss your progress. It’s amazing what can happen when you have a single, unifying vision.


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Photo by 4max