Are you scrambling to find new products to keep your business afloat?

Make your business growth and evolution easier and more predictable.

  • Competitors can always offer the same products you do
  • Instead, focus on your clients' needs
  • Talk to them about what they need to be more successful
  • Find products, services, solutions to help them meet those needs
  • Continuously repeat this process to always stay on top of your game...and your clients' needs

Transcript of the video included:

There are two ways for an agency to evolve. Yet most do it totally backwards: They find a product, then go looking for as many clients as possible to buy that product.

Which is fine, until any of these roadblocks get in their way:

  • They run into a competitor with a better product
  • Someone offers the same product for less
  • Or the product is taken away from them

Then they “rinse and repeat”, hunting for another product and starting the client search all over again.

We teach the opposite approach: Instead of focusing on the product, we recommend you FIRST commit to your clients’ needs.

Have in-depth conversations with them; ask questions, find out what their burning desires are…and what they need to be more successful.

THEN find or develop products and services to meet those needs.

Repeat this process regularly, and your clients will tell you everything you need to know to grow your business—without any guesswork.


Photo By lovelyday12