The work you do in your agency or brokerage is hard. It's tough to go out and write a new account and almost as hard to keep the accounts we already have. As sales people, we're competitive, and we expect to win. Maybe we even take those wins for granted.

Many years ago in my old agency, we made the decision to celebrate new clients by literally ringing the bell (an old brass bell we hung up in the middle of the office). Whenever the bell rang, it was a signal for everyone to gather around the bell and celebrate a new account.

In hindsight, the fact that the bell only rang for a new account was a huge mistake. After all, the only people directly benefiting from a new account were the producer being paid a commission and the owners of the agency whose value just increased. For everyone else, it likely meant more work. It didn't take long for the routine to become a chore and a source of thinly veiled resentment.

Celebrations should bring us together; they should be a chance to share our appreciation for one another; they should leave everyone feeling good about what happened.

Yes, it is very important to celebrate sales, but we need to be celebrating everything that matters to the success of the organization. Provide the opportunity for every team member in your agency to "ring the bell" by celebrating each of their successes:

  • New accounts
  • Renewed accounts
  • Teaching moments you took to a prospect/client
  • Learning moment shared by your team
  • The achievement of a goal
  • The breaking down of silos
  • EVERYTHING that really matters

We work too hard for our wins. Never take them for granted; never let them pass without a celebration.


Photo by dotshock