We tend to avoid those things that scare us in some way. Maybe we just don’t understand, or we know enough to understand and find it intimidating. It takes courage to make the difficult decisions and overcome our fears.

A difficult decision that I see for many in the employee benefits industry is making the commitment to stay ahead of the competition and to stay on the leading edge of business practices for our clients. Integrating new technologies into our own business processes for sales, marketing, customer service, internal communications, and client communications is imperative for our own success.
What is just as important is thinking about how we can help our clients integrate these effective types of communication into their businesses and employee communications. However, if we’re not practicing it ourselves, we’re guaranteed to not be very good teachers.

If we continue to live in the world of what we currently know and the way that we’ve always done it, we are going to become irrelevant because someone else is going to fill the void of 'what could be.'

This is a time of opportunity, and people are looking for opportunity around every corner and in every potential exposure – no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. Taking on the conventional business model of selling employee benefits and capitalizing on the new way of communicating will capture the attention of those companies (clients/prospects) ingrained in this new space of social business. If a company is really engaged in the social web as a means of doing business, they will place a very weighted value on those companies who work that way, as well.

If sales have been hard, maybe it’s because you’re not engaging with companies in the way that they need you to connect with them. What is their style? Are you working with them to solve their needs in the way that they work? Or do you only work in the same way that you’ve always done it – which may no longer be connecting with your prospects and clients?

When we take the time to look beyond our current world and we make a commitment to explore and become lifelong learners, we open our world to a significant new realm of possibilities. If fear has been holding you back, it’s time to find the courage to turn that fear into opportunity. Someone will do it. Will it be you?


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