As you read this, we are gathered with some of our favorite people in Nashville for Q4Live, our networking/learning/growing conference for forward thinking benefits advisors. 

Our conference is different than most. Anyone who attends is expected to be an active participant. It doesn’t matter if you are an agency who has been with us from the beginning, just joined our network, are still considering joining, or are one of our invited vendor guests. Everyone is expected to participate in every conversation and offer their unique point of view. 

Our goal is that everyone leaves with greater confidence and is better prepared for their own success than when they arrived. 

You really don’t know what you’re missing 

If you have been to other industry conferences, you may have a strong sense of what other industry conferences are like. But you likely have no idea what ours is about. We are here first and foremost to work hard, but we also play hard together over evening events.  

We may, on occasion, wind down our afternoon agenda over an adult beverage. Our boutique hotel selections have been described as “funky,” which is true, but we also choose them for their smaller size to help ensure the group can stay together. By the way, this hotel is rumored to be haunted! (Whoever gets room 711 may find themselves with an extra guest. 👻) 

Q4Live has often been described as more of a family reunion than an industry conference. 

But, the one thing that makes ours most unique of all is that nobody is here to sell, beat their chest, or rant against the rest of the industry. Our attendees are here to openly share their concerns, anxieties, successes, and failures. They are here to get stronger and to help the other attendees do the same. 

What the SHIFT?! 

We always have a theme to set the tone of the event, and this time around its Get Your Shift Together. See what I mean about Q4Live not being like your daddy’s benefit conference?  

While so many in the industry find themselves not sure of how to react to the overwhelming amount of change, we are preparing our attendees to capitalize on that change, be drivers of change, and scare the SHIFT out of their competition. 

Not to rub it in (well, okay, maybe a little), but here’s what you’re missing: 

  • Shifting to a Symbiotic Growth Model – How to maximize the effectiveness of your key operational functions, build an army of promoter clients, and maximize your growth. 
  • “Oh, shift! – Keynote speaker, Jennifer Powers will offer a fresh perspective on the shifts we can make to play a bigger game in both our personal and professional lives.   
  • Creative Plan Designs  The highlights and challenges of building and communicating a full-spectrum of effective benefits programs from fully-insured to completely deconstructed self-insured. 
  • What the C-suite Wants You to Know – Inside information from a CFO and HR executive. 
  • Shifting Your Focus to the Buyer – Understanding your buyer. | Consistent communication with the buyer. | Building a buyer-centric website. | Establishing a brand that attracts the buyer’s attention. | Amplifying your message through the press. 
  • Making the Shift to Being Buyer-focused - Preparing your organization to support the SHIFTS. 
  • iTalks  Ten short, power-packed idea sessions from both brokers and vendors. Want a little fake news? TED stole this idea from us. 😏 
  • This SHIFT Is About to Get Real - We are separating vendors and brokers into separate rooms to discuss, “What do you want the people in the other room to know about you and how they could work with you more effectively and efficiently?” Then we will reconvene for a no-holds-barred sharing of, um, “suggestions. 

And, last but not least:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to kick the shift out your competition when you get back home. Well, that may not be a specific agenda item, but it will be what everyone leaves prepared to do.   

But wait, there’s more! 

And, in between formal sessions there will be a lot of networking, storytelling, idea sharing, and, of course, team building. 

It is an exhausting few days, but it’s that good kind of exhausted you feel after a great workout. It takes effort, but you know you’re stronger as a result. 

If any of these topics are of interest to you, let us know. We consider you a part of the team/family who we just haven’t had a chance to meet yet, and we’re happy to share our ideas/insights! 

Who knows, maybe you’ll join us for our next reunion.  

Photo Credit: W.Scott McGill 

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