A new year brings with it a chance to wipe the slate clean, a chance for a do-over. It is a time of resolutions, new goals, and optimism for what we want to achieve. Sure, part of the looking forward also brings with it a certain amount of reflection, but it's usually a reflection on what it is about our past we want to change.

Rather than just reflect on what we want to change, it is just as important (maybe more so) to focus on the positives that took place and to reflect on the lessons we learned. It is only with proper reflection, and I believe sharing, that we can gain a full appreciation of the lesson and allow it to be truly learned and become a part of who we are moving forward.

So, in the spirit of that belief, I want to share with you one of my lessons from 2012.

I learned that as you push yourself to take on new activities and implement new ideas, blind faith is a requirement.
How I learned that lesson

We all want immediate results. All too often, that's not the case and we give up on a good idea prematurely. Engaging in social media activities is a perfect example. I have been active in social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) and writing/publishing (publications, blog) since I started BGN almost four years ago. However, it has only been in the past year that I have seen significant, tangible results. The results being that prospects are now finding us, and we're regularly approached with speaking and/or writing opportunities. It has become apparent that all of that writing and social media participation has helped build our brand in the way it was intended.

The lesson is that if you still believe an idea is a good one, stick with it. Stick with it because it is at this point where most of your competition will give up.

What about you? What was one of your lessons from 2012? Share it here and allow the rest of us to benefit from the same lesson. Share it here and own it a little more for yourself.


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