As you know, I'm a big fan of themes to help us shape behaviors and actions. I recently wrote an article on how to take your team through the exercise of choosing a theme. The same exercise can also work just as well for an individual.

Following that article, I read a discussion in one of my LinkedIn groups where the question asked was for each of us to share our Word for the year. It has been an extremely popular discussion with nearly 500 people sharing their word so far. Some offer explanations for their choice; some just share the word. Either way, taking the time to make the public commitment greatly increases the chances that you'll use the Word as a guide for the year.

Our Word, or Theme, for 2013 is CONFIDENCE. Encouraging us to take bold steps and move into new territory. But our words are always bigger than just us – we share this idea with our clients and encourage them in everything we do that they, too, should have the confidence to make necessary changes and bold moves.

What is your Word that will guide you to a successful 2013?

Share the Word with you team and use it as your theme for the year.

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