Hey guys, you ever find that you are working harder than ever before, you're busting your ass, but you're just not making progress at the pace you know you're capable of? I came across a story recently that I think can give us an insight to overcome that obstacle.

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This story was about a world-class violinist, and she had been asked what was the key to her success? And she responded very succinctly; it was "planned neglect."

Fortunately, she went on to explain what that meant. She explained how, after breakfast, she would go back to her room, make her bed, and do whatever other chores needed her attention. And then, with whatever time was left over, she would practice her violin.

But she wasn't satisfied with the progress she was making. She knew she wasn't reaching her potential.

So she turned it all around and now after breakfast, when she went to her room, the first thing she would do was practice her violin. And she would stick with it until she was satisfied with her progress, ignoring all of the other responsibilities until the one thing that was most important for her was accomplished.

Think of what it would do for you and your growth and your progress if you applied that idea of planned neglect.

What if every day you started off by focusing on the one thing that was most important to moving you forward and you stuck with it until you were satisfied with your progress? And you found a way to ignore all of the other noise, all of the other responsibilities, until the one thing that's most important had been accomplished.

I imagine if you could do that for an hour a day, even a half-hour a day, pretty soon you would find yourself making progress at a pace that you couldn't even imagine. And find yourself performing at a level that, right now, you can't even conceive.

I hope you take that idea, and I hope you start applying it right away.

I hope I get to talk to you again soon. And in the meantime, guys be good, and, of course, be safe.


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