At our BGNLive conference in Chicago this year we focused on the need to change the agency business model and how to effectively communicate those changes to our clients and prospects. Len Strazewski, writer with Rough Notes magazine, attended the conference and following are his takeaways of the content discussed at the session.


Agents and brokers that do not manage that first impression run the risk of letting random online information or misinformation control what prospective clients learn about them

By Len Strazewski

Do prospects really learn what you want them to learn about your agency?

Google says your agency sells insurance. Facebook says you have a great softball team. LinkedIn says you went to a state university.

Is this the way you want present and prospective customers to know and understand your agency? Do these sources communicate what you really offer your clients? Click here to read the full article at Rough Notes magazine.

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Photo by Paul Downey.