Hey guys, how are you doing today? No really, how are you doing today?

I love the fact that, in the midst of this crisis, we're asking the first question more than ever before. And I especially love that we’re more sincere when we ask it.

But I was reminded recently by a good friend of how important it is, if we really want to know how somebody's doing, that we ask the follow-up question.

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When you ask the first question, most of us go on autopilot and will respond, ”Oh, I'm good.” Not even stopping to really think about it.

But when you ask the follow-up question, “No, really. How are you doing?” That's when the magic happens.

There's power in that second question. You give an amazing gift with that second question. You give the gift of letting somebody know you really do care, you're genuinely interested in knowing how they're doing. You also give them the gift of just being honest with themselves; of really taking self-inventory so that they can be honest with themselves and give you an honest answer.

That second question is powerful.

I want you to give yourself a similar gift. I know you guys are type A personalities. You like to get shit done.

I know you come into the week and one of the first things you ask yourself is, ”What do I have to get done this week?” And you create your crazy long to-do list.

I want you to use the power of the second question and go back to that to-do list and ask yourself, “What on this list REALLY needs to get done?”

Give yourself a permission slip. Give yourself permission to narrow that list down to the two or three things that really have to get done; that will make the week successful. Then give yourself permission to celebrate the hell out of them once you've accomplished them at the end of the week.

And take this gift to your team. Go to them and give them permission. Challenge them to ask themselves that second question and narrow their list down to the two or three things.

Guys, it's a different time right now. We have to take the time to ask others and to ask ourselves that second question if we want to get to the most meaningful answer.

I appreciate the hell out of you guys.

I hope you are all safe and healthy, and I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Take care and be good. Bye.


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