We have an internal process where we reflect on the week with a few questions and written responses. The insight gained from this little 5-minute exercise is invaluable to keeping a pulse on things. We can spot stress points, developing interests, and potential changes that may be necessary. It’s the little nuggets that allow us to open up to a larger conversation where needed.

We have one team member who writes about the insight she gained over the week, and I’m always so interested to see what has resonated with her. So much so I started asking if I could post some of them on LinkedIn. And then I just decided to compile them into an article because there is so much wisdom here that should be shared when it comes to the ideas of teamwork, self-reliance, organization, and personal development.


I already knew this but knowing that my team has my back is a great feeling.

Ask for people's opinions and have more brainstorming sessions. It is great to get people's insights.

There will always be speed bumps during team transitions.

Being honest is where it's at! It is better than suffering in silence!

I have myself an awesome team. I've honestly never had people be excited, workwise, when I've returned from days off/vacation, and that was so great to see.

I've learned that my team is honestly the best and understood that I needed to take a day off because of my fur baby making his trek across the Rainbow Bridge.

Just that in general, it's always good to have more than one pair of eyes on things.

It helps to have people with you at meetings who look through things with different lenses and offer their expertise, because there’s always someone in your corner.


While I missed everyone when they were out, it was great to know that I could rely on myself to get what I needed done.

If you have a good team and a good level of trust, the bosses don't need to be there for things to keep running smoothly. Even when people take needed time off, you realize how much you miss them; but then again, you realize how highly performing you are.

When you have ownership of a process or task, you're most definitely not alone.


It's okay, at times, to not meet your self-imposed deadlines. And that it's okay at times to prioritize and push things aside for later, if you communicate to your team why you’re doing so.

Getting my tasks accomplished before my vacation while not rushing through them and maintaining a high level of quality was a challenge. It's tempting to want to rush through things before a vacation, but you need to keep your standards. Always.

If you let your team know the days you'll be gone, they are there to pick up the slack for you and help with whatever you need.

I've learned that writing down my to-dos on paper helps me get them done instead of having them all lumped on a Google Doc.

Don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to.

Personal development

My greatest success is taking the lead on a topic review and not being afraid to offer suggestions! Your comments were what I had considered doing in the first place, but I second-guessed myself. So, my takeaway is to stop second-guessing myself! Stop being my own enemy.

Knowing that I'm assertive in some aspects but not in others. I wouldn't know unless I was told!

There is always something new to learn. Never remain stagnant.

When a task takes a lot of mental energy, it's okay to put it aside and come back to it later.

Your turn

Getting a glimpse inside someone’s mind and heart is priceless. I promise you, these thoughts are not hers alone. People on your teams think some of these same things.

Here are the questions we ask for the weekly reflection:

  1. Did you complete your ONE THING item from last week?
  2. What was your greatest success over the past week?
  3. What was your biggest challenge over the past week?
  4. What did you learn this week through training and insight? (this question varies by team member and their specific goals)
  5. What is the ONE THING you must accomplish over this coming week?

I challenge you this week to reflect on how you are creating an environment that encourages people to express themselves in a way that you can help them be their best and feel like a valued member of the team. Asking these questions and taking a few minutes to review them will create a dialogue you would likely not have otherwise.


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