By guest blogger Sue Mason.

As sales people we are always asked, "Why should we do business with you?"

I think as sales people we should be looking at our clients and prospects in the same way. Before taking on a client, you may want to ask yourself, "Why do I want to do business with this company?"

If your answer is just about money or your own ego, you may want to rethink your position. Wouldn't you like to think of this decision differently? What if your answer is that you like the people you would be working with, or maybe it's that their dedication to their mission aligns with your own philosophy? It could also be that you feel you will learn from them. All of these are great reasons to work with someone.

And this may be what motives you even more. It could also be what attracts them to you. Considering this approach might just give you the advantage. Your behavior may be completely different, and who doesn't want to be different from their competition?

I realize this may be a very difficult change for many people to consider, but if you take this challenge, I believe you will find more success and a more stable book of business. Because if your decision to work with someone was just about money, then that also may have been theirs.

Sue Mason is President and co-owner of Preferred Benefits in Ada, MI. She is a member of Q4intelligence and is actively making changes in the way thier agecny operates, both internally and externally, to better serve their clients. We are delighted to share Sue's ideas with you and hope they inspire you to to rethink the way you select the clients with whom you want to work. Connect with Sue on LinkedIn.


Photo by imtmphoto