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Industry Transformation Takes a Community of Commitment | #Q4LiveTampa

January 30, 2018

We have long said, the greatest time to be in this industry is right now; the greatest opportunities we have ever been afforded are still ahead of us. However, we are also quick to point out that those opportunities look different than those of the past, and the way you have to work to have them for your own is definitely different than ever before.

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Raise Your Hand if You Still Want a Private Exchange

April 03, 2017

By guest blogger Frank B. Mengert.

When former President Barack Obama approved the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the insurance industry was shaken up. Brokers and consultants across the nation who had been in denial about the law's ability to pass were faced with the harsh reality that it was here to stay.

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11 Reasons Why the Texas Medical Board Is Wrong about Telehealth

April 26, 2015

By guest blogger Heidi Rasmussen.

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The Value of Offering a Private Exchange Solution

March 31, 2015

By guest blogger Joe Bucci.

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Insurance Advisors Have the Best Jobs and A Lot To Be Thankful For

It's the season where we stop the hectic movement for a day or two and give thanks, and we decided to take a few moments with our agencies to do just that. Starting Thanksgiving off a little early, we wanted to share some thoughts from us, and our members, about why we're so thankful to be doing what we're all doing. We love what we do, and we love having the privilege of working with people who are so committed to their businesses, their teams, and their clients.

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How to Rehire Your Best Sales Talent

November 20, 2014
How to keep your sales production high and your sales people happy

Hiring great sales people is challenging; we have a solution.

  • Identify what is keeping your great producer(s) from producing new business
  • Write up all those things (distractions) in a job description
  • Seek, instead, to hire an excellent service person to help manage his/her accounts
  • Free up your high-talent sales people to seek out and earn new business

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How to Secure Your Business Future

October 27, 2014
Secure Your Future: Spend time working on your business

It’s easy to get caught up in daily activities and push aside the important, yet critical, things needed for growth.

  • Capitalize on growth opportunities by being aware of what they are.
  • Build a stronger team or book of business by knowing what is needed.
  • Identify critical categories needed for growth.
  • Spend just 15 minutes planning each week.

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Don't Be A Commodity

By guest blogger Frank B. Mengert.

Not long ago I got an email (among the hundreds I get every day) with a subject line that caught my eye. Unfortunately, that is how I now choose whether I will open the email or hit the delete button, like most of you probably do.

The email was from The Lead and the subject was "What a dream client wants". It was a quick article, but hit some great points about what your clients are actually looking for from you.

That got me thinking about what I am frequently preaching to brokers on a daily basis: Don't be a commodity.

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4 Ways to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

September 15, 2014

By guest blogger Heidi Rasmussen of freshbenies.

Have you heard of HonestSlogans.com? They create more, shall we say, "direct," catchphrases for well-known companies. For instance, WebMD's honest slogan is "Convince yourself you have a terminal illness" – so true! For LinkedIn, they've come up with, "Connect with people for no good reason at all."

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How to Make a Difference with Your Insurance Agency Website

August 22, 2014
Make sure your website is working for you rather than against you

Websites that tell your story are not compelling to buyers looking to improve their story.

  • Post relevant stories about how you've made a meaningful difference for your clients
  • Let them see how you're able to help businesses improve
  • Give them a compelling reason to call you
  • Talking about yourself, your carriers, your years in business are not compelling reasons

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