Crushing Mediocrity


Transforming the advisor + employer relationship

Planning Documents Collecting Dust? How's That Working Out?

No, Your Clients Are Not Stupid. They Don’t Yet Understand.

Did Simon Sinek Get It Wrong?

You are overtalking your welcome and prospects don’t want to hire you

Pack Your SHIFT, We’re Going to Nashville!

Stop Selling and Start Helping Your Prospects to Buy

Are You Blowing Hot Air About Making Changes or Taking Meaningful Action?

Q&A with Billy Bridwell, Vice President, Keystone Insurers Group

You Only Work on Referrals? Really?

It's the Client Experience, Stupid!

Is Your Activity-Based Mindset Crippling Your Progress?

Announcing our 2019 Theme! (hint: the SHIFT is gonna get real)

Top Articles of 2018 | Theme: Insurance Agencies are Looking for a #NewNormal

Resolve to Stop the Time-Suck Madness!

How to #GSD if You Get Out of Routine

Are You Pressing the Panic Button on New Ideas Too Soon?

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

3 Simple Sales Tools You're Not Using

Q&A with Josh Butler, President, Butler Benefits & Consulting

Benefits Advisors, It’s Time to Double Up on Your Number of Renewals

U-G-L-Y, You Ain’t Got No Alibi – Your Pipeline’s Ugly!

When Employers Won’t Take Your Advice

Christian (Mullis) Brayboy Helping Q4intelligence Members Up Their Game

Hey Insurance Agencies, What’s in Your Blank?

Benefits Advisors, It’s About the Bigger Picture

Open Letter to an Angry Industry

Which Excuse Are You Using That’s Causing Prospecting Failure?

#GSD: Driving Success After the Conference Adrenaline Has Worn Off

What VBID and Farm-to-Table Have in Common

Q4i's In San Diego – The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful 😉

Winging-it Is Not a Strategy – And Prospects Know That’s Your M.O.

LinkedIn is No Place for Wallflowers

Benefit Advisors, It's About to Get Real

Who Leads Your Agency Communications? 🤔

You Gotta Believe, My Friends!!!

Discounts & Misconceptions are Costing Us a Fortune

Generational Shifts in Leadership are Impacting Your Organization and Sales Process

The Three Bears of Agency Commissions

It’s Time to Bite the Bullet and Add a Budget Line for Marketing

Not Since Zenefits Have We Seen This Level of Industry Panic

The Power of Personal Connection is Your Secret Sales Tool

Sales Lessons From Your Little Kid Self

What if You Stopped Tiptoeing Around Stuff and Actually Started Doing it?

Conference Season | You’re Killin’ Us, Smalls!

Sick of Not Making Sales? You're Probably Not Prospecting and Marketing Well Either

Education | Communication | Collaboration

Q & A with Tom DiLiegro, Owner, Benefit Advisors of Charleston

Coffee is for Marketers

You Call it a Sales Process; Prospects See it as a Buying Process

Commission, Bonuses, Fees – Oh my!

Hooray! You’re on Social Media! But Are You Adding Value to Your Clients?

Q & A with Barry Cohn, President, Really Great Employee Benefits (RGEB)

Approaching Benefits Like It’s Merely a Transaction? Your Days Are Numbered

Wanted: Benefits Advisors Willing to Collaborate Locally

Insurance Agency Revenue Covers a Multitude of Sins

Afraid of being schmarmy? That’s no excuse for not marketing.

Magnification & Amplification of Healthcare Problems and Solutions

Industry Transformation Takes a Community of Commitment | #Q4LiveTampa

It's Time for Insurance Agencies to Find a New Normal

Q4intelligence Partners with GoCo for Broker-Provided HR and Benefits Platform

Uncomfortable Conversations: As an Insurance Advisor, 'Tis Better to Give Than Receive

3 Keys to Defining Your Marketing Strategy

Shifting Needs and Shifting Priorities: Top Ideas for Insurance Agency Transformation

Are You Annoying The Crap Out of Your Prospects?

Insurance Advisors Can Save Healthcare

“Jacked Up” Insurance Renewal Meetings

Insurance Innovation – Illusion, Introspection, and Insecurity

Millennials Will Save the Insurance Industry

Benefits Advisor + 4th Quarter = THIS SUCKS!!

Investing for Sales Success: Insurance Producer Planning Guide

We Kinda Suck at This Leadership Thing

Moving Your Insurance Agency from Just Surviving to Thriving

Preparing Your Agency Plan for a Successful 2018

Zenefits + OneDigital = ?

When Your Insistence on Customer Service Becomes a Disservice

Changing Your Independent Insurance Agency May be More Shocking Than You Think

Software & Bad Hires Will Not Fix Poor Sales & Marketing Strategy

4 Things Scarier Than Making That Sales Prospecting Call

There Are No Shortcuts to Insurance Agency Growth & Success

Is Your Agency Marketing More College Professor or Circus Barker?

Change Your Approach to Agency Sales & Marketing or Get Thrown Out of the Office

Your Cowardly Ways Cheat Your Clients-- And Your Prospect Pipeline

Snake Oil by Any Other Name is Still Snake Oil

Are You a Skinny, Fat Producer?

Your Lifestyle (Business) is Killing You

Promoting Someone Else's Products is a Seriously Lame Way to Market Your Insurance Agency

Who Picks Up the Tab?

That Revenue Problem Doesn’t Go Away Just Because You Don’t Look at It

If Sales are Stagnant, You Probably Have a Marketing Problem

Business Math 101 – The only course that counts

Who Benefits Most from the Work You Do?

If You Wanna Score One for the Team, You Gotta Take the Freakin Shot

Q4i Went to NOLA and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog

No, I Will Not Give You Permission to Be Lazy

Has Your Sales Process Become a Driverless Car?

What Hamilton and Your Last Presentation DON’T Have in Common

Insurance Sales: A Relationship Business or Not?

Let them charge fees!

Raise Your Hand if You Still Want a Private Exchange

Introducing Q4i Insurance Agency Marketing + Lead Generation

You Can’t Make This SH*T Up!

When Insurance Agency M&A = Misaligned & Adversarial

No One Cares About Your Boring Brand

Prospects Won’t Give You Time? – It’s Not Them, It’s You

Your Price-Product-Service Message is Killing You!

Excuse Me, Your Brand is Showing

Shout it From the Hill (top) with NAHU - Let's reach 1.8M Impressions!

If Prospects Can’t Find You, You Don’t Exist: You. Must. Be. Marketing.

6 Keys to a More Intentional 2017

5 Unanticipated Outcomes of Agency Acquisitions

2017 Theme: Act with INTENT

Put on Your Big Boy Pants

Your Business Practices Are Abysmal! 5 Critical Ideas to Transform Your Insurance Agency

7 Critical Positioning & Communication Ideas That Can Transform Your Insurance Agency

Don’t Focus On a Sales Goal, Focus On a “Leads Generated” Goal

Dude, Do You Know How Bad Your Numbers Suck?!

Automate the Transactional – It’s All About Advice and Results

Put Down the Joust, You Look Silly

A Big Part of Who I Am is Because of NAHU Professional Development

Practicing and Prospecting: How Difficult Are You Making Sales?

Insurance Agencies Must Participate in Saving Themselves

Better Isn't Good Enough

4 Ways You’re Undermining Your Insurance Agency Growth

Improving Your Odds of Sales Success

Stop selling. Start listening.

5 Traits of Great Insurance Agency Leaders

7 (+1) Reasons “Sales” Is NOT a Dirty Word

Wanna Start a Business?

5 Ways to Play Offense with Your Insurance Agency Business Strategy

Why Next Year’s Sales Results Are on The Line— Right Now.

5 Quick Reminders as You Start Your Week

Not-So-Happily Ever After: When Fairy Tales Turn to Nightmares

Can We Please Stop Saying the M Word?

Politics and Consulting: The New Oil and Water?

Mr/Ms Agency Owner, Tear Down Those Walls

Coffee Shops Train their Employees and So Should Insurance Agencies

Winning and Losing in Sales Is Hugely Dependent on Your Marketing

Can You Spare a Good Idea For a Fellow Insurance Agency?

Kristi Birkeland to Lead Insurance Agency Marketing for Q4intelligence

Do Insurance Brokers REALLY Know Why Their Clients Hire Them?

New Insurance Broker Competition is Simply the Result of YOUR Demands

For Insurance Agency Growth, It’s Time to Pick Up the Pace

6 Insurance Marketing Ideas Your Agency Needs to Embrace

Your Insurance Agency Marketing Strategy is Completely Backwards

In the Race to Increase Sales, Most Insurance Agencies Can’t Even Find the Starting Line

Improve Insurance Agency Marketing & Selling by First Defining Your Brand

The Typical Insurance Sales Presentation is All Wrong

3 Pillars of Insurance Agency Growth

It’s Time to Reimagine Your Insurance Agency Marketing Message

Creating A More Effective Marketing Message for Insurance Agencies

Changes You Need to Make to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Lack of Leadership: Single Biggest Problem in Independent Insurance Agencies

For People Who Like To Talk, Insurance Agency Owners are Not Effective Communicators

Zenefits: Disrupting Lives, Not Just the Insurance Industry

Zenefits: A Story of Confidence, Culture and Resignation

Online Communication Requires High Trust in Employees

Insurance Producer Sales Goals Are A Joke

Lessons from A Unicorn Insurance Producer

Health insurance and benefits market shifts to individual needs says Michael Lujan

Develop Effective Insurance Agency Management Practices in 2016

How Technology Is Changing Employee Benefits Agencies in 2016

Invest in Basic Employee Benefits Communication in 2016 Recommends Jen Benz

Technology, Insurance Agencies and Clients: Alan Katz Prognosticates

2016 Health Insurance Trends from freshbenies

A 2016 Political Look at Insurance from Janet Trautwein

Hey Insurance Industry, Wake the #@$& Up!!

The High Cost of Insurance Agency Fears

Insurance Agency Marketing Will Be 2016’s Differentiator

Stop the “We Don’t Suck” Insurance Agency Marketing

Zenefits – Hubris, Milkshakes & Insurance Agency KPIs

Insurance Brokers and Social Media: The Fear Is Real

Fight Together, Not Against One Another

Beliefs Control Actions. Who Controls Your Beliefs?

Redefining Boundaries to Build a Better Business

Create A Differentiated Value Proposition to Catapult Your Business

Why Agencies Fail When Hiring Insurance Producers

A Sign of Zenefits' Desperation?

Insurance Industry Comes up Less-than-Mediocre in LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Technology Is Only As Good As the Strategy It Supports

Stop the Stagnancy and Commit to Changing Agency Operations

It’s NOT the Technology Stupid

Put the Right People in the Right Seats to Catapult Your Business

To Save an Industry – We Need YOU!!

What If You Did What You Knew You Needed To Do?

Zenefits' Battle with ADP Provides 2 Lessons and a Warning

What Makes A Really Great Week

You Owe It to Your Audience to Be Prepared

Invest Wisely to Drive Success and Catapult Your Business

Stay Young to Drive Success and Catapult Your Business

Bring Value and Insurance Brokers Can Have It All

11 Reasons Why the Texas Medical Board Is Wrong about Telehealth

Collaborate to Drive Success and Catapult Your Business

Sincerity and Belief Lead to Successful Selling

The Value of Offering a Private Exchange Solution

Don’t Let Zenefits Drink Your Milkshake

MLR = Making Less Revenue? It Doesn’t Have To

5 Flaws of a “Zenefits” Approach

Who’s In Control Here?

Are You A Leader or An Enabler?

When Is a Year Only 6 Months Long?

You’ll Never Transform Your Agency Without A Look Inside & Outside

Building Your Benefits Toolkit

2015 Is the Year to Simplify

10 Important Ideas to Transform Your Insurance Agency

Two Reasons Your Marketing Message is Killing You

Seven Disciplines of an Effective Sales Culture

Are You Trying To Sell With an Incomplete Sales System?

Insurance Advisors Have the Best Jobs and A Lot To Be Thankful For

How to Rehire Your Best Sales Talent

The Naked Truth About Producer Compensation

How to Define Your Purpose/Why

Getting Clear About Your Purpose and Why You Should Care

How to Secure Your Business Future

Not Providing Sales Training is a Leadership Failure

Don't Be A Commodity

Meeting Minimum Expectations Doesn't Impress Your Prospects

Tear Up Your Permission Slip for Mediocrity

Organizational Hierarchy of Needs

Use Networking Conferences to Build Your Business

4 Ways to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

How Cultured Is Your Agency?

Think You’re Best in the Room? Maybe It's Time for a New Definition of Success

Turning Your Sales Organization into a Client-Focused Culture

How to Make a Difference with Your Insurance Agency Website

Your Lack of Interest in Marketing is Costing You Clients

Businesses Need Therapy Too

Are You Energized or Paralyzed by Change?

Is Your Team Fighting With You or Against You?

How to Evolve and Grow Your Business

Your Team Isn't Celebrating Nearly Enough

The Unintended Consequences of Traditional Insurance Agency Management

Not All Referrals Are Good for Business

How Much Are Your Non-Selling Salespeople Hurting You?

How to Fill Your Prospect Pipeline with Client Referrals

Effective Leadership Comes From Different Seats on the Bus

Finding the Courage to Succeed

Shifting Buyer Expectations Are Changing Agency Marketing and Selling

Are You Delivering A Complete Sales Message?

The Death of Traditional Selling and How Brokers Are Accepting It

Work with Determination Because Others Need You To

How to Connect with Clients in More Meaningful Ways

Bringing More Value To The Sales Conversation (Video)

Why Your Agency Needs a Defined Sales Process

All Insurance Agencies Fear Something – What is it for you?

How Beliefs Seduce Us Into Obsolescence

Commoditization or Consultation?

Judgment, Fear, and Expectations

Outdated Ideas and Bad Decisions in Independent Agencies

My "Will" is Going to Kick Your "Can"!!

Independent Agencies Need More High Performers and Less Overachievers

Our Three Words for 2014

Dangerous Play: When Your "Consultative" Sales Process Is Actually Spreadsheet Selling

Insurance Agency Websites

Gifts From Dad

How Well Do You Understand Your Own Business?

9 Shocking Sales Statistics That Determine Your Success

You Can't Afford 'Free' as a Business Model

Perfect Practice & Preparation for Producers

Things Are A Mess With ACA And Businesses Need Your Help

Creating A New Mental Box For a New Business Model

Why Would Millennials Want To Work In Your Insurance Agency?

Why Consistent New Business Is So Critical

Slay The Demons With Killer Conversations

Help Wanted: Insurance Industry Needs New Ideas

Get Paid for the Value You Deliver

We Don't Suck As Bad As We Think We Do

What Is The Value Of That New Account?

Hard Work Crushes Oompa Loompas

The 5 Critical Indicators Every Producer Needs to Track

Fixating On the Competition

Kick the Askholes Out!

Who's Your Audience? You Might be Sending Mixed Messages

Getting Comfortable With Fee-for-Service

Why It's Great To Be An Independent Broker

Selling In “Unique” markets

Which Best Practices Are Stunting Your Agency Growth?

What I Learned At Camp This Summer

"How Stupid Are You?!" How NOT To Engage Your Prospect

Health Care Reform Isn’t the Problem

Embracing Your Inner Consultant

Typical Broker of Today vs. Consultant of Tomorrow

I Am The Greatest In The World!!

Proper Pre-call Planning Prepares You For Quality Prospecting

Day One Complete

Why Do I Want to Work With You?

"Adult Supervision"

Manufacturing Your Passion

An Open Letter to Independent Insurance and Benefits Agencies

Failure Is An Option

Are You Getting Outpaced By The New Hires?

What You Do When Class Is Not In Session

Sometimes All It Takes Is One Reason to Say Yes

Concerned For Your Future?

Selling Is A Team Sport

Insurance Agents Aren't Boring!

Is Your Agency Really Worth It?

Communication: Please Tell Me This Isn't Our New Normal

It's Time To Face Our Fears

Lessons I've Learned

Xtreme Discipline Drives Xtreme Results

When An Ownership Mentality Hurts You

Agency Leader or Zoo Keeper?

Nine Beliefs of Tomorrow's Successful Producers

Using Marketing to Challenge and Attract Prospects

Houston, We Have A Hiring Problem

There Is Only One Definition of Success

The Why Factor

Does Your Sales Experience Have Your Prospects Doing the Closing?

Gaining Confidence to Overcome Your Obstacles

Employees Love Change

Say It Out Loud And You Own It

What Is Your Word for 2013?

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Proof Your Agency Shouldn't Work For "Free"

Your Next 90 Days - Expedite Everyone

Clients See Your Brand One Employee at a Time

Your Next 90 Days - Keep Your Balance

Competing for Talent - The Price of Providing Health Insurance vs. The Cost to Drop It

6 Reasons Your Insurance Agency is Dying - An Outsider’s Diagnosis

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive to Desired Prospects

Insurance Agencies Should Be the Bellwether

Insurance Industry Suffers from A Deficit of Value

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Account

Planning for Producer Success

Improving Your Knowledge, Insight, and Advice

Insurance Brokers Are All The Same!

Your Next 90 Days - Create Coalitions

You Can Lead Them To Water

Why Value-Added Services Are Bad For Business

BGNLive Chicago 2012 - Being a Difference Maker

Innovation: Luxury or Necessity?

Guaranteed, Easy Referrals

Their Attitude + Your Structure = Winning Combination

Sometimes The Best Solution is Walking Directly into Discomfort

Your Next 90 Days - Build Your Team

Time and Money Reflect Beliefs and Values

It's Not You, It's Me

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You

If You Can Read This, You're at Cyber Risk

"Excuse me, we didn't build what?!"

A Driver’s License and A Major Customer Service Disaster

A Lesson, An Insight, A Reinforcement

Your New Job Requirement

Taking Inventory of Your Relationships

Stand Up and Fight

"Go Giver" Challenge

Your Next 90 Days – Achieve Alignment

Roadmap to A Stronger Benefits Practice

Warning: This Relationship May Have a Significant Influence on You

Fully Define Your Ideal Clients for a Better Pipeline

Apathy – The Most Damaging Emotion of All

Psychic Office Closed Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

Your Next 90 Days – Negotiate Success

Mental Calories

Prospecting: Job #1

Don't Allow Competitors to Determine Your Business Model

Of Course I Can!

Great Service Doesn’t Happen by Chance

What Do You Do When Your Heart Isn’t In It Anymore?

How Producers Are Like Excellent Waiters

Spring Cleaning

Who Is the Real Enemy?

Tactical Marketing Activities are Wasting Your Time


Pursuing Even More Excellence

Is That Frog Soup I Smell?

Getting Beat vs. Losing

Permission Slips and Hall Passes

Develop Good Online Social Behaviors

Come Prepared and Blow Me Away

Teach, Tailor, and Control Throughout the Sales Process

Who’s Gonna Win?

Slow Down the Buying Process

Your Next 90 Days – Secure Early Wins

Agency Marketing: A Shift In Thinking

Fire Yourself

Your Next 90 Days – Match Strategy to Situation

Networking: Going All-In

Work Hard, Play Hard

Your Silence Speaks Volumes

Your Next 90 Days – Accelerate Your Learning

Your Next 90 Days

Be Committed or Go Home

Gone In an Instant – Our Year In Review

Some Favorite Books We Read in 2011

Commit to Your Social Media Accounts or Close Them

The Opportunity Is Yours…Or Someone Else’s

Mom, Have A Seat, Let's Solve a Problem

I Hate Grocery Shopping Because There Are Too Many Choices

Asking Your Way to Improved Performance

Pick Up Your Pace to Increase Your Production

Appeal to Individual Motivations

Selling Lessons from a 10 Year Old Professional

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Working For or Against You?

Vision – Talk About It Until They Mock You

Integrating Social Media into Business Operations

The Show and Tell of Sales Leadership

Rehire Your Best Talent

Using Social Media Tools Effectively in Your Agency

The Net - How Do You Present Yourself?

The Growing Up of Social Media

Finding the Courage to Ask for Referrals

Diagnosing Client Challenges

Mediocrity Is Exhausting

Filling the Pipeline: Positioning and Creating Opportunities

Planning and Accountability: Keys to Success

Use “What we do well” as a Business Planning Tool

Generating a Greater Return on Client Experience

One Thing

Is Your Business Controlled by Paranoia?

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

Relationships Still Matter

Willpower vs. Self-Discipline

I Love My Job…er, Career!

Who’s Your Competition?

Do You Have a Job or a Career?

“Confidence…Confidence For Sale!”

Employee Benefits – Getting Creative with Local Offerings

Taking Control

Playing the Role of Business Advisor

Powerful Questions to Connect with Prospects

Playing to Win or Playing to Not Lose

Prospect Meetings – Do Your Homework

Give Me A Reason

New Talent Brings New Expectations

Lovin’ the Baby – A Secret to Talking to Business Owners

Same Words, Much Different Meaning

Creating a Vision and Leading a Team When You’re Not the CEO – Yes, It Can Be Done!

With Producer Opportunity Comes Responsibility

Broker of the Year - Taking a New Approach

Wander On In to the Insurance Industry

Employee and Client Free Agency

The Power of Vulnerability

18 Going on 8

The Exceptional Producer

Making a High-Velocity Culture Change

A Strong Culture Buys You Margin for Error

Looking for the Pony When the Insurance Industry Gives You Crap

You Have a Choice – Fight or Flight

Give Up the Corporate Lingo and Start Sharing Stories

Playing to Win? Or to Not Lose?

Are You Merging or Moving Out of the Way?

I’m Sorry, We’re All Out of Eggs

Grab the Snacks, We’re Taking a Road Trip!

Advisers Must Move ‘Faster and Stronger’

Delivering Exceptional Service

Always Be Learning

A Pipeline Built on Client Referrals Starts with the Right Conversation

Online Is the New First Impression

Is the “Agency” in your name holding you back from thinking bigger?

Professional Guidance Delivers Professional Results

Building the Right Business Model

Why You Need to Be a Specialist

Dynamic Pipelines - A Prospect in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion

Personal Development: Making an Investment in Your Agency

What Makes Your Agency Unique?

Choose Your Centers of Influence Wisely

Step Away from the Tools

My 4 Favorite Books I Read in 2010, and What I Learned From Them

Two Steps to Getting Your Agency Messaging in Sync with Your Clients’ Needs

What Are Your ODDS of Success in 2011?

You Hold the Key to the C-suite

Three Things We Wish Everyone Knew About Benefits Communication

Is the benefits glass half-full or half-empty?

Pigtail Leadership

Practicing What You Want to Be

"Addressing Client Needs" - What Does that Actually Mean?

The Difference Between First & Second Place is in the Details

Eliminate the Noise - Second in Command Principles

Budgeting Is Not the Same as Planning

Earning New Business by Exploring the Possibilities

Moving to Where Your Clients Need To Be

Your Web Strategy Must Change

Developing Business Acumen is Key to Understanding Client Needs

Seven Behaviors that Drive Sales Results

Timeliness: It Can Help Build Up or Tear Down Relationships

Reduced Commissions Can Benefit Your Business

Build Your Business Through Consistent Workouts

Increase Results with Planning and a Focus on the Vision

Want Better Results? Challenge Your Current Ways of Thinking

5 Steps to Improved Sales Performance

The Game has Changed, the Doors are Open - It’s Time to Just Connect with People

Motivation Can Often Come from Unusual Places

Need to Make a Change? 3 Steps from Indecision to Implementation

How to Chart Your Course

Thinking Like a Business Owner to Drive Productivity and Profitability

Survivor – Healthcare Reform Island

Your Employees Are Talking – Do You Know The Message They're Sending?

Talent Management Lessons from the King of Pop

7 Cultural Issues That Will Drive Sales Results

Benefits Producers – Your New Job Description

Mitigate Your Risk by Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears

Selling is a Transfer of Confidence – Know Your Sources

It's About Your Attitude!

5 Reasons Communication with Employees is More Important Than Ever

Welcome to Benefits Growth Network

Healthcare Reform – Challenge or Opportunity?

Personal Brand & Value

Breaking the Cycle of Commoditization

Strategic Risk Management

Why do We Make “It” so Difficult?

Do Over

Shortcut to Success

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