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Three Things We Wish Everyone Knew About Benefits Communication

December 09, 2010

By guest blogger Jennifer Benz.

Why would a company invest so much in something that is as seemingly dry as benefits communication? It’s highly regulated. Often quite complex. And it’s not typically the first thing most people think of when they want to brand their organization and build employee relationships that stand the test of time. And yet, benefits communication also has the most potential reward of any HR communication. That’s why we at Benz Communications focus our energy on creating the kind of benefits communication employees find irresistible, and our clients love.

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Pigtail Leadership

By guest blogger Patrick Sitkins.


I recently watched my friends coach their competitive team in a soccer tournament. Their team is a girls under-7 team. As I watched, I was amazed at the skill level of these young players, their maturity and teamwork.

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Talent Management Lessons from the King of Pop

I recently watched Michael Jackson 'This Is It' and was positively mesmerized at the talent of everyone involved. Not taking any of his personal life into consideration and simply focusing on what was in the movie, I was struck by a couple of very powerful scenes and an overriding theme that is directly applicable for developing a successful business: Hire talent.

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5 Reasons Communication with Employees is More Important Than Ever

July 13, 2010

Communication is definitely more art than science, but there are several reasons that mastering both the art and science of communicating with your employees is more important now than ever.

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