Elevating Expectations


Insuring your business + ensuring your results

Got Business Risk? Here’s How to Mitigate it.

How to Tackle Your LinkedIn Summary

Spending Too Much on Coffee? There’s a Business Lesson Here.

Keeping Your Marketing Efforts on Track

20 Things That Matter to Your Employees

Just Be a Better Healthcare Consumer, Will You?

Is Your Need for Speed Holding You Back?

4 Keys to More Effective Workplace Communication

Job Interview Tips - For the Boss

Prepping for Job Interviews – It’s Not Just for Candidates! What Employers Need to Know

Ask the Experts: Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebates

Workplace security: What does it mean?

Risk Management: It’s More Than Just an Insurance Policy

District Court Judge in Texas Strikes Down the ACA – But Law Remains In Effect for Now

Out of Pocket Costs: 3 Pain Points to Address

Are You Working With an Insurance Salesperson or a Benefits Consultant? Here's How to Tell.

Just How Important is Company Culture?

Sometimes a Lack of Regulation Creates Problems

Complaints Happen. What’s Your Policy for Handling Them?

4 Ways to Manage Holiday Vacation Requests

About that cover letter…

Are Resumes Still Relevant?

Ask the Experts: Mandatory Flu Shots

Human Resources: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Stop Giving it Away!

Why Propose Benefits for the Unbenefited? 3 Reasons

Using Performance Objectives to Increase Employee Engagement

The Three Letter Word that Can Bring Down Your Business

Flexible Spending Accounts – Different Strokes for Different Plans

Are You Treating Your Employees Like Kids? Maybe You Should.

How to Deal with Organizational Change

Ask the Experts: Marijuana and the ADA

How to Get Stuff Done

Want to Build Confidence? Adopt a Client First Perspective.

Caution if Offering Health Coverage to Non-Employees

Does Your Company Need a Social Media Policy?

Searching for Medical Advice from Google? Here's a Better Option.

You’ve found the perfect candidate! Now what?

The Powerful Recruitment and Retention Benefit You’re Not Offering

How Do You Define Your Marketing?

Back to School Time Off Tips

Better Engagement Starts With Better Vision

Why You Should Provide Great Employee Benefits, and Work With a Great Employee Benefits Consultant

Need to Define Your Business Purpose? Here’s How.

Ask The Experts: State-specific Sick Leave

Are You Showing Your Customers Who You Really Are?

Why Your Vacation Policy Sucks

In a Tight Labor Market, Candidate Ghosting Goes Both Ways

HSAs Pose Compliance Concerns

Why You Need to Invest in Professional Development

Structuring your Flexible Workplace Plan

Making it RAIN for Your Employees. And Your Business.

5 Reasons to Improve Your Employee Benefits Communication

Is Your Company Wasting Time and Money on Marketing?

How to Reduce Workplace Conflict

Ask the Experts: Nicotine Testing

Millennial Workers Are All Grown Up. And They Are Leaving You.

Is Your Employee Benefits Broker a Perfect Match?

Are You Letting Your Competition Run Your Business?

Can Charitable Giving Make Your Employees healthier?

Need to Make Changes? How to Get Yourself from Indecision to Decision

Why You’re Late and What it Says About You

Why Every Employer Should Offer an Rx Savings Program

Your Marketing Message Isn’t Really About You

Ask the Experts: Requiring Use of Paid Leave Before Unpaid Medical Leave

Employee Turnover: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown

Taking a Closer Look at Employee Turnover

Increase Your Talent by Decreasing Your Bias

Do Your Hiring Practices Need Some Help?

Ask the Experts: Electronic Delivery of ERISA Notices

The Many Benefits of Employee Mentoring

Employee Surveys: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Why Quick Responses Are Overrated

How Employers Can Offer Dependent Benefits

Do You Need Executive Coaching?

Are Critical Conversations Still Critical?

Ask the Experts: Inappropriate Dress in an Interview

Your Customers Don’t Care How Long You’ve Been in Business

3 Hiring Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Talent Search

Online is the New First Impression

10 Ways to Get and Keep Top Talent

Ask the Experts: Can a well qualified older candidate fit on a much younger team?

3 Reasons Telehealth Should Never Be a Voluntary Benefit

Could Employee Benefits Be the Key to Employee Retention?

When Being the Best is Actually the Worst

LinkedIn Habits You Need to Break

Ask the Experts: Using Employee Photos on Social Media

Are Your “What if…” Scenarios Working For You?

The #1 Business Myth That's Holding You Back

Millennials And Employee Benefits: 5 Thoughts

How to Avoid the Competition Trap

Spending Your Leadership Capital Takes Courage

Ask the Experts: Marijuana Use Policies

Employee Education: It’s Not Overrated

Meetings Don’t Have to Suck. 3 Steps to Better Meetings

5 Ways To Reduce Claims For Self-funded Plans

How to Avoid Costly Wage and Hour Claims

Does Your Company Really Care About Workplace Safety?

Wage and Hour Claims: Reducing Your Risk

Apathy is NOT a Happy Ending

Are You Managing Your Employees Out the Door?

How to Fail Miserably at Your Next Presentation. Or Not.

How to Raise Your Client Experience Game

Ask the Experts: Salary Nondisclosure Agreements

How to Make Your Team’s Workstyles Work For You

Trickle Down Leadership: You Get What You Give

Dear Users: Please Stop Peeing in the LinkedIn Pool

IRS Extends Deadline for Furnishing Forms 1095, Extends Good Faith Transition Relief

Pets in the Office: The Pros and Cons

Employees are Drowning in Student Debt— and It’s Bad For Business.

Social Media: Can it Get You Fired?

ACA Employer Reporting Penalties Increase for 2018

Benefit Administration Systems: 3 Features to Look For

What Employee Benefits Should You Offer?

30 Days to Act on IRS Letter 226J

Living on Your Own Terms: How to Tell Good Content From Bad

4 Employee Benefit Trends to Watch

When the Leader is the Weakest Link

IRS Drops the Mic on Employer Shared Responsibility Payments

Why Busy is the New Bad

Do Pets Belong at Work?

How to hire for cultural fit

2 Things To Help You Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Counting Employees Not as Easy as 1… 2… 3

Relationship Complaints: Your Work Life and Your Love Life are Remarkably Similar

In Employee Benefits, Communication is King: 3 Tips for Better Understanding

Trump Administration Releases Guidance on ACA’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Employee Engagement: Taking Your Team from Enraged to Engaged

Federal Employment Law Update - September 2017

Is Your Strategic Plan the Fast-Track to Success or a Meandering Road to Nowhere?

Are You an Executive Suffering from Decision-making Paralysis?

Hate Strategic Planning? Tips to Take Away the Pain

The Strategic Planning Process: Wise Investment or Waste of Time?

A Strong Organizational Culture Buys You A Bigger Margin of Error

Is Strategic Planning Really Necessary?

The Working Dead: When Fear Drives Your Organization

Why Are Employers So Afraid to Talk About Employee Compensation?

Financial Wellness Isn’t a New Employee Benefit

Moving to a New Business Model? Take the Training Wheels Off

Want More Effective Recruitment? Use The Staff You Already Have

Hey Leaders! Loyal Employees are Earned, not Given

How to Survive a Department of Labor Health Plan Audit

The Quickest Way to Strike Out as a Leader

What Do Apostrophes Have To Do With Your Business?

Ask the Experts: Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace

Benefit Bundles: 3 Advantages for Employers

Effective Employee Policy: A How-To Guide

Why We Think We Deserve Everything for FREE

The Case for Workforce Planning

Ask the Experts: Abiding by an Order of Protection

Succession Planning: Just Do It

How to Build a Vacation-friendly Culture (and avoid employee burnout)

Founder’s Syndrome: Is it Affecting your Organization?

Turn it off! The Problem With Always Being On

Watch Out for Those Nice People

Why “But we’ve always done it that way!” Needs to be Banished from Your Brain

HSA and Medicare Conflicts

Are Remote Workers Good for Business?

Can Turnover be a Good Thing?

Ask the Experts: Recruiting Via Text Message

How to Write a Good Job Description

Can Employee Social Media Comments Ever Cross the Line?

Are Your Job Descriptions Out of Date?

Data Security and Poor Password Hygiene: It’s Time to Clean Up Your Act.

The Case for Firing an Employee: Even When it’s Difficult.

Ask the Experts: Building a Company’s First Handbook

How to Fail at Making Your New Hire Successful

Contribution Strategy May Complicate Compliance

Should Your Company Invest in Identity Theft Protection?

Federal Employment Law Updates –  March 2017

Is Basic Skills Training for Employees a Waste of Time?

What Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt Them. And You.

Newsflash: Your Employees are Looking for Work

What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Say About You?

Having Difficulty Recruiting and Retaining Talent? Here’s Why.

Your Employees Need to Chill Out

Keys to Effective Onboarding: Integration and Confidence

Build a Team Worth Bragging About

Keys to Effective Onboarding: Share the Load

So You Think You Need a New Salesperson, Huh?

Keys to Effective Onboarding: Concentrate on Culture

Quit Managing, Start Leading

Keys to Effective Onboarding: Secure Early Wins

Are Your People Working For You or With You?

Keys to Effective Onboarding: Define Success

Gettin’ Political at Work: The New Rules

Keys to Effective Onboarding: Tips for Transition

Is Your Lack of Communication About to Blow Up Your Business?

Keys to Effective Onboarding: 6 Ways to Accelerate Learning

Need a new employee? You may have already found one.

All Aboard for Onboarding! How to Effectively Onboard New Employees

Failing Employees? It’s Probably Your Fault.

Your Webinar is Boring

Get Inspired and Be Crazy Productive this Year with a Company Theme

Want Better Employee Engagement? Share Your Company Vision.

Underperforming Employees? Maybe it's Your Management. Or Lack of it.

Fire Your Clients? That’s Crazy! Or is it?

Want to Be an Employee Whisperer? It’s All in the Training.

The Problem with Waiting for Proof

When Culture Goes Wrong: How to Rebuild Employee Engagement

2 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees

500 Words on… How a Great Benefits Broker Can Help Your Business

Stress: It’s Hurting Your Business

Want to Boost Employee Performance? Let Them Sleep.

500 Words on HR and Compliance Administration

Hey Employers: Your “Buts” Stink! Maybe You Need a New Insurance Broker.

500 Words on Employee Wellbeing

Is a True “Team Culture” Even Possible?

500 Words on Performance Management

Your Cultural Environment: Accidental or Intentional?

500 Words on Employee Communication

2 Annoying Office Habits You Need to Kick

500 Words on Employee Engagement

2 Employer Mindsets You Need to Re-think

500 Words Blog Series:  Looking Beyond the Cost of Benefits to Control Employee Expenses

2 HR Policies You Need to Cut

10 Minutes to Improved Employee Performance

2 Possible Reactions to Change – Choose Carefully

Dear Micro-managers: This is why you should let go

HR Matters

Danger Zones

Here But Not Present

The Innovation Game

Happy Employees = Good Business

Do You Suffer from Leadership Dysfunction?

Warning Signs: What's your perspective?

Practice Makes Champions

Just Say Yes (and no) to Technology

Business Bucket List

Celebrate Much?

Admitting Mistakes Sucks

Have Communication Challenges? Of course you do! Here’s why.

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