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by Kevin Trokey on January 25, 2021

The Q4i Annual Theme – 2021, The Year of ?

Every year at Q4intelligence, we choose a theme. We use the theme to keep us focused. It keeps us focused internally as a team and becomes a...

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by Kevin Trokey on November 09, 2020

Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

We recently held a quarterly team meeting. We gathered virtually, of course, but not because of the pandemic. We gathered virtually because our...

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by Kevin Trokey on January 28, 2020

Out of Office - Gone to Up Our Game

As this post goes live, we are in the process of kicking off #Q4Live Tampa 2020. To borrow from Jimmy Buffett, “The weather is here, wish you were...

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by Wendy Keneipp on October 15, 2018

Christian (Mullis) Brayboy Helping Q4intelligence Members Up Their Game

You know that feeling when it's time to add another member to your team and you lose sleep over what the position will be, what skills the person...

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by Q4intelligence on November 24, 2014

Insurance Advisors Have the Best Jobs and A Lot To Be Thankful For

It's the season where we stop the hectic movement for a day or two and give thanks, and we decided to take a few moments with our agencies to do just...

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by Kevin Trokey on December 09, 2013

Gifts From Dad

We don't typically write personal posts here. However, we hope you will allow us this exception.

I lost my father recently, and while there is never...

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by Kevin Trokey on October 07, 2012

BGNLive Chicago 2012 - Being a Difference Maker

Adding value in everything you do

It is so hard to believe that our fourth BGNLive has come and gone. I made the comment at the end of the conference...

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by Kevin Trokey on February 06, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard

Wow, another BGNLive (BGNL) has come and gone. While I’m sure that everyone who attended has their own opinion, I felt that this was the most...

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by Wendy Keneipp on January 12, 2012

Gone In an Instant – Our Year In Review

2011 was an incredibly busy and blazing fast year for us. Or it sure feels that way! We have been very involved with creating and training, and time...

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by Kevin Trokey on June 13, 2010

Welcome to Benefits Growth Network

Here at Benefits Growth Network, we help employee benefits agencies build better businesses. We’re a group of thinkers and talkers who like to share...

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