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Q4intelligence Partners with GoCo for Broker-Provided HR and Benefits Platform

At Q4intelligence, we have always been committed to the transformation of the industry. As our business model has evolved and we have become increasingly connected to business owners and HR directly, we have also evolved our commitment to not just focus on the industry, but to incorporate employers into that commitment as well.

At Q4i, we exist to help HR and benefits advisors drive greater results, together.

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Kristi Birkeland to Lead Insurance Agency Marketing for Q4intelligence

June 27, 2016

We knew this day would come and it has finally arrived! Kristi Birkeland is joining us at Q4intelligence as our newly minted Integrated Marketing Director.

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Insurance Advisors Have the Best Jobs and A Lot To Be Thankful For

It's the season where we stop the hectic movement for a day or two and give thanks, and we decided to take a few moments with our agencies to do just that. Starting Thanksgiving off a little early, we wanted to share some thoughts from us, and our members, about why we're so thankful to be doing what we're all doing. We love what we do, and we love having the privilege of working with people who are so committed to their businesses, their teams, and their clients.

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Gifts From Dad

December 09, 2013

We don't typically write personal posts here. However, we hope you will allow us this exception.

I lost my father recently, and while there is never an easy time to lose a loved one, this time of year seems particularly difficult. But, when I think about my dad, if we had to lose him, this season of giving is entirely appropriate. I wanted to share with you some of the gifts I have received from my dad, and I encourage you to take the time to reflect on those who have brought (and continue to bring) similar gifts to you.

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BGNLive Chicago 2012 - Being a Difference Maker

Adding value in everything you do

It is so hard to believe that our fourth BGNLive has come and gone. I made the comment at the end of the conference how it sort of feels like it passes as quickly as a Christmas morning. You spend months shopping, buying gifts, and wrapping the presents and then the packages are torn open in mere moments.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Wow, another BGNLive (BGNL) has come and gone. While I’m sure that everyone who attended has their own opinion, I felt that this was the most productive and enjoyable session to date.

I started the conference by reminding everyone that BGNL is primarily about two things; learning and networking. For those who haven’t attended a BGNL, this is not your typical “mini vacation” type of conference. There is real work involved. Homework assignments were sent out ahead of time with the expectation that everyone comes prepared to work - for their own benefit, the benefit of everyone back home, as well as the benefit of everyone in the room at BGNL.

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Gone In an Instant – Our Year In Review

2011 was an incredibly busy and blazing fast year for us. Or it sure feels that way! We have been very involved with creating and training, and time seems to be defined by each of those mile markers along the way. We’ve learned a lot of great lessons and continue to incorporate each of them back into training, resources, and blog posts – where you’ll find our experiences and lessons diligently documented!

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Welcome to Benefits Growth Network

June 13, 2010

Here at Benefits Growth Network, we help employee benefits agencies build better businesses. We’re a group of thinkers and talkers who like to share our ideas. Through our blog, we are communicating those thoughts and hope that some of it will be helpful to you in building your business.

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